The First Settlers of the Villa de Santa Fé ~ 1608 - 1610

Santa Fé was likely founded around 1608 & officially became the capital of New México by 1610. Santa Fé is about 400 years old. There is documentation that shows that Santa Fé was founded while Don Juan de Oñate was governor of New México, although Don Pedro de Peralta is often given credit for moving the capital of New México from San Gabriel to Santa Fé in 1610. Santa Fé may have been a military camp as early as 1608 because Capitán Juan Martínez de Montoya, in 1608, indicated that he was posted at the camp in Santa Fé at that time.

Some of the known founding families of Santa Fé: ~From La Herencia, Founders of the Villa de Santa Fé, by José Antonio Esquibel 655

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