Albuquerque Photos

These were taken in some favorite spots of mine in Albuquerque.
The photos taken before 2002 were taken with a Digital Cannon Powershot A-Zoom Camera.
The ones taken in 2002 and later were taken with an Olympus D-1500 Zoom Digital camera.
Photos taken after January 2004 were taken with an Olympus C-750 Digital Camera.

The North Valley

Photo taken June 2002 - This is looking at the Duck Pond at
the Nature Center. The Sandia Mountains are in the background.
This is one of my favorite "get away" places in the city.

Trail in the bosque near the Nature Center.
My favorite acequia near the path I take walks during the spring and summer. Acequias have long been an important feature of Albuquerque's North and South Valley areas. The area in the photo is a popular walking, running and biking spot in the North Valley. It is also a favorite spot for roadrunners, ducks and other birds.
This is the Albuquerque's main acequia in a picture taken in 1881. Acequias were used to bring water from the Rio Grande to near by fields. People today still water their fields and gardens using the same acequias.

Los Duranes - Welcome to my neighborhood!

Ware house facing Rio Grande Blvd. - Photo take summer 2002
There are areas in town where it is not unusual to find street art.
Some of the art was sanctioned by the city, some to prevent graffiti,
and some just for fun or expression. Often the street art reflects
one or many of the cultural aspects of New Mexico.

More information about the North Valley from Albuquerque's Environmental Story.
Old Town   

Unless noted else wise, all photos were taken by Nancy López, June 1999