The University of New Mexico

The University area is up the hill and east of downtown, and west of the Nob Hill Area. I've always felt that the University of New Mexico has a beautiful campus.

I have spent many hours on campus over the years. I can honestly say that UNM was the fountain which supplied me with volumes of knowledge about life, teaching, history & human behavior. Long before I started school in 1971, I use to come to UNM with my parents who were also teachers & took summer courses at UNM. After graduating in 1974, I continued taking classes as my parents had done before me.

The UNM Campus has changed and grown since my parents brought me here in the 1960s. The Duck Pond was added in the mid 1970s. I do remember when Yale Blvd. used to run through the University. It was cut off in the 1970s so the main campus of UNM is a walking campus.

Unless noted else wise, all photos were taken by Nancy López, June 2000