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Two Adults sitting in the front row, Great Grandfather
Celso López and Great Grandmother María Abrana Sánchez.
My Grandfather, Ramón López is second from the right in the back row.
The rest are unidentified López/Sánchez family

From left to right, My Great Great Uncle Nepomoseno Tórres,
Great Grandmother Luz Torres, Great Grandfather,
Adolfo Torres, Great-Great Grandmother Cención Armijo,
and Great-Great Grandfather Juan Torres

My Grandfather William Blair and
Grandmother Mabel Atwood

Table of Contents
Personal Ancestry of Nancy López & Extended New Mexican Families:
 Pedigree Chart for Nancy López
 Surname List
 Index of Names
 Sources (Bibliography)
  Gateway Ancestors to Medieval Ancestors:
Constant Southworth, Martha Bulkeley, Mary Launce and William Blackmore and to Spanish Medieval Ancestors via Francisco Montes Vigil.
 Sources for Una Familia Mas Noble y Antigua and the Montes-Vigil Genealogy
  My Early New Méxican Ancestors
  Map - Origins Of My Ancestors
  My DNA Results

Early New Mexican Settlers:
  The First Families of Santa Fé
  The First Families of Alburquerque
  List of New México Setters ~ 1598-1680
  List of New Méxican settlers who were new to New México and arrived in 1693 with Don Diego de Vargas
  List of soldiers who were with Don Diego de Vargas during his return to New México in 1693
  List of New Mexican settlers who came with Juan Páez Hurtado 1695
  List of New Mexican settlers returning to New Mexico, 1693-1694
  Families who were living in New Mexico in 1697

López Families of the Río Abajo:
  First López Settlers to Live in New Mexico
  The Early López Families of the Río Abajo, 1700 - 1800, Menu, Spanish Censuses and 1700 - 1800 Baptisms in Alburquerque & Isleta
  López Diligencia Matrimonials, of the Río Abajo, 1700 - 1800 & Marriages in Alburquerque, Isleta and Sandia during the 1700s
  López Baptisms of the Río Abajo, 1800 - 1835 including Alburquerque, Isleta, Tomé, Belén and Socorro Baptisms
  López Baptisms in Socorro from 1836-1853
  López Baptisms in Alburquerque from 1836-1850
  López Diligencia Matrimonials, and Marriages of the Río Abajo, 1800 - 1835
  López Diligencia Matrimonials (Prenuptial Investigations) in the Río Abajo, after 1835
  López Baptisms in Socorro from 1836-1853
  López Baptisms in Isleta, Tomé and Belén- 1836-1854- Under construction  
López Baptisms in Socorro from 1854-1865
  López Marriages in Socorro from 1845-1853
  Marriages in Socorro from 1854 - 1900 - Under construction  
  López found in the Federal U.S. 1850 Census, U.S. 1860 Census & U.S. 1870 Census for the Río Abajo.

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My Parents
Carlos López & Eleanor Blair López
Carlos López Eleanor Blair López

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