Lemitar, Valencia, New Mexico Territory Census of 1850

My López family moved from Alburquerque to Lemitar. I have tried to copy the Lemitar Census as best as I could, considering the person who took the census (John R. Salles) was fond of flamboyant writing and wasn't the best of speller (but who was in 1850). I have to quibble with spelling López, Lopis, but my ancestors spelled it Lopes, so I guess that Lopis isn't too far off. Another problem was the census taker started off only using initials, but lucky later used full names. I am going to put this exactly like it was written in the census, so don't blame the misspellings on me. I skipped a line between family groups rather than typing in the household #. If there is any information in (  ) with an *, this is information I added by comparing the 1845 Mexican Census of Lemitar with the 1850 Lemitar Territorial Census.

Name Age/SexOccupationWhere Born
L. Baca19 MLaborer NM
R. Baca20 F NM
M. Baca 2 F NM
J. Ant. Baca y Pina 38 MFarmerNM
M. P. Baca y Pina24 FNM
R. Baca y Pina16 MNM
J. Baca y Pina12 MNM
M.C. Baca y Pina10 F NM
C.L. Baca y Pina 8 FNM
G. Baca y Pina6 FNM
M. Baca y Pina 4 MNM
P. Baca y Pina 2 FNM
M. Apodaca 16 FNM
Silvera Herrea35 MLaborerMEX
J.Montollo (Montoya) 58 MFarmerNM
M. MoNtollo35 FNM
T. Montollo17 FNM
M. Montollo16 FNM
J. Montollo12 MNM
J. Montollo 8 MNM
L. Montollo 5 MNM
N. Montollo 2 MNM
P. Montollo 2 MNM
M. Montollo 1 FNM
J.J.Baca 52 M FarmerNM
M. Ant. Baca45 FNM
M. de los Remedios Baca13 FNM
M.D. Baca 9 FNM
M.P. Baca 30 MNM
R. Baca 6 FNM
M. Baca 6 FNM
J. Baca 1 MNM
J.L. Baca84 MFarmerNM
L. Heremio23 MLaborerNM
R. Heremio13 FNM
J. Tefoya (Tafoya) 38 MFarmerNM
D. Tefoya28 FNM
J. Tefoya12 FNM
M. Tefoya10 MNM
M. Tefoya 8 MNM
S. Tefoya 6 FNM
M. Tefoya 1 FNM
F. Barera 39 FNM
J. Barera13 MNM
M. Barera10 FNM
L. Barera 2 F NM
J. Atencia (Atencio) 32 MLaborerNM
L. Atencia30 FNM
M. Atencia10 FNM
R. Atencia16 FNM
J. Atencia 4 MNM
M. Atencia 3 FNM
T. Gillego (Gallegos) 1 FNM
J.J. Martin60 MFarmerNM
M. Martin 9 FNM
Santa Ana Martin25 MLaborerNM
J.R. Martin20 MLaborerNM
O.R. Martin50 FNM
S. Martin20 FNM
T. Martin14 MNM
D. Martin12 MNM
Z. Martin10 MNM
J. Rodriquez50 FNM
S. Rodriquez30 FNM
T. Rodriquez27 FNM
O. Rodriquez25 FNM
T. Rodriquez23 FNM
Z. Rodriquez21 FNM
M. Meranda32 FNM
P. Meranda10 MNM
J. Meranda24 MLaborerNM
M. Meranda15 MNM
T. Merando 50 FNM
J.M. Baca36 MLaborerNM
D. Baca13 FNM
F. Baca12 MNM
C. Baca 8 FNM
R. Baca 2 FNM
F. Baca20 FNM
E. Baca39 MLaborerNM
B. Sesneros (Sisneros) 28 FNM
A. Sesneros10 MNM
G. Sesneros 8 MNM
Ambrocio Gonzales 3 MNM
Trinidad Gonzales1/12 FNM
Antonio Sanches18 MLaborerNM
Felipe Gonzales26 MLaborerNM
Delores Gonzales27 MNM
Guadalupe Gonzales 8 MNM
Ramon Fuentes35 MLaborerNM
Juana Fuentes (Gonzales*)25 FNM
Romaldo Fuentes 6 MNM
Pelonia Garcia38 FNM
Maria Garcia18 FNM
Camilla Garcia15 MLaborerNM
Juan B. Garcia 6 MNM
Barbara Garcia40 FNM
Jose G. Garcia 18 MNM
Estefino Santa Ana76 MNM
Maria J. Santa Ana45 FNM
Juana Baca21 FNM
Josefa Baca15 FNM
Jose Baca12 MNM
Juan D. Gonzales60 MFarmerNM
Mariana Gonzales50 FNM
Jose Gonzales 8 MNM
Maria Ig. Gonzales 7 FNM
J. Ant. Charvis (Chavez) 30 MLaborerNM
Isabel Charvis30 FNM
Maria Charvis12 FNM
Jose Charvis 9 MNM
Juan A. Gonzales30 MFarmerNM
Alvino Gonzales28 F NM
Francisco Gonzales15 MNM
Pabla Gonzales9 FNM
Maria Gonzales6 FNM
Juana Gonzales 4 FNM
Pablita Gonzales3 FNM
Jose Simon Lobato45 MFarmerNM
Juana Lobato (Jaramillo*)30 FNM
Juan B. Lobato12 M NM
Clara Parea (Perea) 40 FNM
Loleta Parea 2 FNM
Maria J. Xeremio (Jaramillo) 30 FNM
Juanita Xeremio11 FNM
Juan Xeremio10 MNM
Guadalupe Xeremio 8 FNM
Miguel Luna56 MFarmerNM
Maria A Luna (Lucero*)42 FNM
Jose M. Luna16 FLaborerNM
Serafina Luna18 FNM
Palo Luna11 MNM
Candelaria Luna 9 FNM
Salbador Revelie (Ribalí*) 60 MLaborerNM
Mercedi Revelie27 FNM
Jose S. Revelie12 MNM
Juan Aroyes (Arrollos*) 50 FNM
Demasio Aroyes) 20 MLaborerNM
Greg. Aroyes16 MNM
Fran. Aroyes13 MNM
Maria Lucero 7 FNM
Juan Aroyes27 MMountain GuideNM
Josefita Aroyes26 FNM
Juan Aroyes 5 MNM
Francisco Lucero50 MFarmerNM
Maria Lucero (Becerra)40 FNM
Manuel Lucero19 MLaborerNM
Josefa Lucero16 FNM
Ramona Lucero10 FNM
Maria (Antonia) Lucero 9 FNM
Cesario Lucero 7 MNM
Jesus M. Lucero 6 MNM
Mariana Lucero 3 FNM
Jose M. Lucero 1 MNM
Leonardo Lucero10 MNM
Trinidad Sedio35 FNM
Bernaldina Sedio19 FNM
Simon Sedio16 MLaborerNM
Jesus Sedio 8 MNM
J. Ant. Charvis (Chavez) 50 MLaborerNM
Maria M. Charvis50 FNM
Juana Charvis41 FNM
Jose G. Charvis13 MNM
Jose C. Charvis4 MNM
Jose M. Silva60 MFarmerNM
Maria M. Silva55 FNM
Maria T. Silva13 FNM
Maria J. Baca30 F NM
Marta Baca10 FNM
Barbara Baca 5 FNM
Sebdra Baca 2 FNM
Petra Tefoya (Tafoya) 7 FNM
Juan F. Baca 63 MFarmerNM
Maria J. Baca50 FNM
Sibilo Baca14 MNM
Jose J. Barios14 MNM
Juan M. Baca10 MNM
Delores Tores (Torres) 8 FNM
Dominga Tores18 FNM
Domingo Baca38 MLaborerNM
Maria Baca35 FNM
Trinidad Baca15 FNM
Victor Baca13 MNM
Patricio Baca 8 MNM
Juliana Baca 6 FNM
Jesus Baca5 MNM
Josefa Baca 3 FNM
Sabino Gonzales40 MFarmerNM
Maria J. Gonzales39 FNM
Antonio Gonzales20 MLaborerNM
Maria J. Gonzales18 MNM
Jose A. Gonzales15 MLaborerNM
Pabla Gonzales13 FNM
Manuela Gonzales 6 FNM
Victor Gonzales 3 MNM
Juan A. Charvis (Chavez) 60 MLaborerNM
Victoria A. Charvis50 FNM
Manuel Charvis20 MLaborerNM
Manuela Charvis16 FNM
Juana Charvis15 FNM
Trinidad Charvis 9 FNM
Rufina Charvis 6 MNM
Pablo Apodaca40 MLaborerNM
Manuela Apodaca30 FNM
Guadalupe Apodaca 8 FNM
Clara Apodaca 6 FNM
Juana A. Apodaca 4 FNM
Maria Apodoca12 FNM
Juan Xeremio10 MNM
Guadalupe Xeremio 8 FNM
Miguel Luna60 MLaborerNM
Maria A. Luna42 FNM
Jose M. Luna16 MLaborerNM
Pedro Gonzales12 MNM
Candelaria Gonzales10 FNM
Maria J. Gonzales 7 FNM
Placida Gonzales 6 FNM
Jose J. Gonzales 2 MNM
Jose M. Gonzales20 MLaborerNM
Tinidad Gonzales20 FNM
Jose M. Bisero27 MLaborerNM
Guadalupe Bisero18 FNM
Jose D. Biseros9/12 MNM
Maria Biseros (Becerra) 50 FNM
Juan Biseros22 MLaborerNM
Jesus Biseros18 MLaborerNM
Pedro Biseros16 MLaborerNM
Miguel Biseros12 MNM
J. At. Abecito23 MFarmerNM
Ignacio Abecitao17 FNM
Teofilo Abecito 1 FNM
Maria Charvis21 FNM
Jose C. Xeremio (Jarmillo) 45 MFarmerNM
Maria Xeremio30 FNM
Puniciano Xeremio38 FNM
Louis Xeremio10 MNM
Vicenta Xeremio 6 FNM
Ant. Montollo36 MFarmerNM
Ana M. Montollo22 FNM
Lupe Paria (Perea) 36 MFarmerNM
Francisca Paria (Chama*)36 FNM
Jose Paria 9 MNM
Delores Paria11 F NM
Joafiri Paria 7 MNM
Irinio Paria 6 MNM
Jose Don Paria 4 M NM
Maria Paria 2 FNM
Media P. Charvia20 FNM
Jasus Lobato20 MLaborerNM
Maria Lobato16 FNM
Manuel Vijil38 MMerchantNM
Isabel Vijil (Lucero*)34 FNM
Telesfora Vijil11 FNM
Rufina Vigil 9 FNM
Sebero Vigil 5 MNM
Juan Maria Vigil1 MNM
Tomasa Romero12 FNM
Pasq. Vigil18 FNM
Julian Baca20 MLaborerNM
Bernardo Vigil12 MNM
Juliana Lise 9 FNM
Tecio Vijil20 MServantNM
Julian Lucero60 MFarmerNM
Ana Maria Lucero (Gallego*)60 FNM
Refugia Lucero30 FNM
Rita Lucero12 FNM
M. Ant. Lucero10 FNM
Trubudad Lucero 7 FNM
J. Ant. Lucero 6 MNM
Luis Lucero 2 MNM
Julian Velencia12 MNM
Victoria Lucero20 FNM
Ana M Lucero15 FNM
Jose M. Sanches25 MFarmerNM
Rufiria Sanches25 FNM
Alida Sanches 8 FNM
Josefa Sanches 5 FNM
Manlncia Sanches 3 FNM
Ig. Sanches 6 MNM
Juana Merebal15 FNM
Romaldo Baca36 MFarmerNM
Delores Baca26 FNM
Fran. Lopis20 FNM
Ant. Garcia18 MLaborerNM
Ant. Ruis58 MMerchantNM
Petra Ruis55 FNM
Pedro Ruis14 MNM
Rita Ruis12 FNM
Fran. Xeremio19 FNM
Jose Ruis20 MLaborerNM
Domingo Castio (Castillo) 20 MFarmerNM
Pabla Castio20 FNM
Jose Castillo12 MNM
Isidero Castillo10 MNM
Teresa Castillo 5 FNM
Carlottel Castillo 8/12 FNM
Francisco Padia14 MNM
Patricio Castillo23 MFarmerNM
Maria P. Castillo13 FNM
Maria A. Samora14 FNM
Manuel Armijo60 MMerchantNM
Trinidad Armijo25 FNM
Torivio Nuano50 MOverseerNM
Jose Ant. Armijo18 MServantNM
Orcofia Armijo25 FNM
Teresa Armijo30 FNM
Alvira Armijo 50 FNM
Justo Sandival 7 MNM
Biatres Armijo 2 FNM
Blas Guteres15 MServantNM
Lorenso Ortiz53 MNM
Pablo Lucero25 MMerchantNM
Ramona Lucero18 FNM
Clara Lucero16 FNM
Delores Lucero 8 FNM
Juan Sandival25 MLaborerNM
Josefa Sandobal20 FNM
Telesfore Sandobal 1 FNM
Alvira Sandival25 FNM
Francisco Sandival12 MNM
Juan B. Cordeba 60 M FarmerNM
Martina Cordeba20 FNM
Maria S. Cordeba35 FNM
Francisco A. Cordeba18 MLaborerNM
Jose Cordeba17 MLaborerNM
Ignacio Cordeba15 MLaborer NM
Juan Cordeba13 MNM
Maria Cordeba12 FNM
Francisco Cordeba1 MNM
Juan de Dios Lucero36 MFarmerNM
Louisa Lucero25 FNM
Benito Lucero 8 MNM
Jose A. Lucero 6 MNM
Geronimo Lucero 3 MNM
Juan Lucero 3 FNM
Josefa Lucero 1 FNM
Maria J. Cordebo15 FNM
Maria G. Garcia20 FNM
Juliana Garcia15 FNM
Carlosa Garcia 5 FNM
Beltizar Montañia40 MFarmerNM
Juana Montañia39 FNM
Pablo Romero13 MLaborerNM
Jose Vuena15 MLaborerNM
Maria Ant. Gutieres15 FNM
Barbara Candelaria14 FNM
Felipe Mantañia10 MNM
Jose Montañia 8 MNM
Juan B. Serna 24 MLaborerNM
Maria J. Serna18 FNM
Ramon Lopis50 MFarmerNM
Jose Lopis25 MLaborerNM
Jose Luna28 MLaborerNM
Cadia Luna23 FNM
Maria Luna 5 FNM
Leonicia Luna 2 FNM
Felipe Duran36 MLaborerNM
Maria J. Duran38 FNM
Maria Luna18 FNM
Ant. Montañia28 MLaborerNM
Rita Montañia (Luna*)23 FNM
Carmelita Montañia13 FNM
Felipe Montañia10 MNM
Ana M. Montañia 5 FNM
Juan J. Lopis35 MFarmerNM
Isabel Lopis (Luna*)26 FNM
Josefa Lopis 8 FNM
Jose Lopis 6 MNM
Juan Trujio50 MLaborerNM
Manuela Trujio50 FNM
Prudencio Trujio22 MLaborerNM
Nasefor Trujio18 MLaborerNM
Maria Trujio13 F NM
Vicente Beseres25 MLaborerNM
Juana Beseres24 FNM
Jose Beseres 8 MNM
Sistos Beseres 6 MNM
Pablo Silva60 MNM
Manuela Silva (Pacheco*)40 FNM
Jose Lopis25 MLaborerNM
Filomena Lopis 14 FNM
Juan Lopis 5 MNM
Bernavel Montollo60 MLaborerNM
Perfecta Montollo30 FNM
Pelonia Montollo15 FNM
Maria Montollo 5 FNM
Juan D. Nieto60 MHerderNM
Pablo Monntollo30 MLaborerNM
Delores Montollo (Neito*)28 FNM
Jose (Anastacio*) Montollo12 MNM
Petra Montollo10 FNM
Francisca Montollo 6 FNM
Ambrocio Montollo 5 MNM
Maria Montollo 1 FNM
Mig. Sanches30 M LaborerNM
Guadalupe Sanches (Cháves*)26 FNM
Josefa Sanches 2 FNM
Juan A. Crispin (Crespin*)60 MLaborerNM
Roselio Crispin (Lucero*)30 FNM
Mig(uel Antonio*) Crispin16 MLaborerNM
Cornelio Crispin16 FNM
Maria (Petra*) Crispin10 MNM
Maria (Encarnacion*) Crispin 8 FNM
Jose A. Crispin 6 MNM
Victor Bordeaux35 MClerkFrance
Rafalea Bordeaux20 FNM
Juan Bordeaux 1 MNM
Jose R. Sanches35 MWeaverNM
Manuela Sanches29 FNM
Lorenso Sanches15 MNM
Jose Sanches 9 MNM
Isabel Sanches 5 FNM
Teresa Sanches 3 FNM
Desid. Trujio29 MFarmerNM
Petra Trujio26 FNM
Abrocio Trujio 6 MNM
Cat. Trujio 3 FNM
Maria Trujio 1 FNM

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