I recently tested my mtDNA and my nephew's Y-DNA hoping to find more about my ancestry. I found some surprises and more evidence to back up my paper trails. I was fascinated to find traces of DNA in five continents. I expected to find Sephardic DNA, but expected more Native American DNA than my results showed. Many women with "Spanish Heritage" in New Mexico will have the mtDNA result in Native American Haplogroups, where as many of men with "Spanish Heritage" in New Mexico will have European Y-DNA My Grandmother's mother-line ends with María Lorenza Molina, wife of Francisco Montest Vigil, and I've been told her descent though a line of daughters has the Haplogroup of B4'5' I'm sure the Central Asian, Siberian and Oceanic DNA should be included with the Native American DNA because I'm sure it was my Native ancestors who passed this DNA on to me. I'm not surprised to find the African DNA because I have found New Mexico "Spanish" ancestors called "mulattoes" in the records of early New Mexico Spanish ancestors. I'm not sure what it all means, but I'm going to share my results here

I ended up with more questions than answers as well. My mother's "Mother Line" can only be traced as far back as the 1700s in Pennsylvania to a woman named Rachel Evans. My mtDNA resulted in the Haplogroup H82, which is of European origin. I tested my nephew's Y-DNA for the López Y-DNA and it resulted in the Haplogroup R-M269, also of European origin. This raises questions since it does not match the paper trail that I've found for my López line. It is very possible that my great great grandfather, Ramón López, was adopted by Vicente Antonio López and his wife. I've been to trace most of my American ancestors as far back as their beginnings in the Americas, but my mother-line and father-line have both ended with big brick walls.

My DNA Ethnic Map from Framily Tree

ethnic percentethnic areas

The chart on the left goes with the map above.
The chart on the left is ethnic regions from GedMatch - My GedMatch ID is T581580

Using the same raw data, this is what MyHeritage came up with.

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