Nob Hill

The Nob Hill Area was built in the 1940s. Just like Down Town, it is centered on Central Avenue. I've watched the area transform itself from decaying business district in the early 1970s to a hot spot for shopping, dining and hanging out!

The Nob Hill Center (above) was New Mexico's first shopping center.

Once a 40s Gas Station, this building is now a Rhythm & Blues Club (above), but once spent far too many years as a boarded up building.

The Monte Vista Fire House(above) was originally a fire station in the 40s. I remember going to parties at the Fire House in the 70s. Today it is a restaurant.

Photo taken in 2002 -Shops in Nob Hill District house clothing, records, herbs, books, neon lights and even tattoo parlors.

Photo taken in 2002 - Another 40s gas station turned into a Rhythm and Blues Club.

Unless noted else wise, all photos were taken by Nancy López, June 1999