The UNM Area

Photos on this page are dedicated to former Albuquerque resident, Ron Talley. He suggested I add some photos of the Student Ghetto, a place he once called home.

To the South of UNM lies what is affectionately called "the student ghetto." The area contains apartments, housing and the Typical establishments that generally open up near a University.

Yale Park, half of the size it once was because the university built a book store on the other half, yet their will always remain ghosts of hippies once living in the park, homeless folks & mourners of John Lennon holding hands while singing "Give Peace of Chance."

This once was a house on Harvard Street. These buildings at one time housed students, but this block of Harvard is now full of businesses and organizations. I've seen it change in recent years, but it basically has the same flavor. I do miss the Hippo on Harvard. I was my general "hang out spot" for many years.

A popular place for people to sit and sip coffee, this once housed The General Store, a "head shop." I use to buy clothing, jewelry and Underground Comix here.

A photo I took of a friend on Harvard Street in 1983.

The 100 block of Stanford Street. My brother lived in one of these houses sometime in the late 60s.

Unless noted else wise, all photos were taken by Nancy López, June 2000