Downtown, off Central Avenue

Around the corner at 3rd Street and Gold Ave - photo taken in 2002 Our various forms of architecture also reflects the diverse cultures that have added to New Mexico's rich cultural blend.

Mural on the Downtown branch of the Library. Every summer, Albuquerque has a youth program for young artists to add art to the buildings Downtown.

Parking lots off on Central, on 2nd Street I think all parking lots should have murals!

The "new" Alvarado built in 2002. Below is how the original Alvarado Hotel and Station (originally a part of Fred Harvey's chain of restaurants) looked in 1910.

Photo courtesy by Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library - Call Number L-487

I barely remember the Alvarado, but what I do remember is how broken hearted my father was when it was demolished in 1970. He had fond memories of it from his youth. He told me stories of the famous folks who stopped in Albuquerque, stories about all the New Mexico Native Americans that sold there art and jewelery at the Alvarado, and stories about the fancy dances that took place there. It was the one place in Albuquerque where people began their journeys to places far beyond Albuquerque, including my father's to California in 1945 where he had tank commando training in preparation for D-Day.

The New Alvarado will never replace the original one, but it will help to keep the history of of the Alvarado & the A.T. & S.F. alive.

Mural on 2nd Street and Lead Ave.

Unless noted else wise, all photos were taken by Nancy López, June 2002