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*According to the Internet Meme entry in Wikipedia, The term Internet meme
is used to describe a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet.
LOLCats History

  According to Know Your Meme, many of the most popular lolcats memes started via Every Saturday, posting under Anonymous, a user would start Lolcat threads on Saturdays. This soon became know as Caturday.

  The History of Lolcats and Happy Cat from Know Your Meme

  A Lesson in Lolcats

  Wikipedia's entry for Lolcat

  Lolcats entry from the Uncyclopedia

  The Quest for the Original LOLCat

  Even political blogs like Daily KOS get into Lolcat History

  More information about Happy Cat from the Encyclopedia Dramatica


  Icanhascheezburger - Home to the original Happy Cat

  22 Pictures of Cats Eating Cheezburgers (And Cats Wearing Cheezburgers)

1905, Earliest known LOLCat

Happy Cat

  Lolcat Collection of Lolcats found around the web

  Internet Memes: The lol cat80

  Yet another Lolcat collection and one more.

  Lolcat collection from the Uncyclopedia

  Meowcheese, which has an LOLCat builder, is an alternative to

LOLCAT Tutorial shows you how to make LOLcats

  LOLCat Bible - Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.

  Trotskyite on hasn't been updated in while, but what is there is very good. As one poster defined the blog, it is "the juxtaposition of a completely outdated and oversimplified conception of the Soviets/Russia that entered the West via the Cold War against a modern fluffy humor meme."

  Another LOLcats Parody, AverageCats

  Learn to speak lolcat: the lolcat translator

  Troll Cats - Definitely Offensive, Possibly Funny

  29 Famous Quotes Translated into LOLCat

More Cat Memes That Originated From LoLCaTS

 Ceiling Cat from Know Your Meme, the Uncyclopedia, the Encyclopedia Dramatica through the filter

  From Tabby Paws - Make your own Ceiling Cat - Or copy the cybergataceilingcat.gif below & add him to your own photos.

  The Saga of Ceiling Cat  

  LongCat from Know Your Meme, Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica through the filter. Sometimes Ceiling Cat and Longcat are the same cat, just revealing itself in different forms.

  Longcat does Thriller

  Basement Cat's Humiliation

  The World's Largest Lolcat, An Invisible Bike Mural

  Information about Monorail Cat from Know Your Meme

  Lolcats Sub-Meme from Know Your Meme

  Another selection of MemeCats, Videos and Internet Cats from the Encyclopedia Dramatica

  =^. .^= I Can Has History? =^. .^= - Cat Meme Connections

  Totally independent of LolCats, Keyboard Cat, was uploaded to YouTube, and the rest is INTeRNeT HiSToRy. Keyboard Cat is so Famous that he even has a Wikipedia Entry and others Played Him Off with their own Keyboard Cat parodies.


  Another popular Internet Cat,Standing Cat, also began on YouTube. There were other standing cats and people mimicking standing cat and he quickly became a Meme.

  Before there was Super Net Star Piano Cat, there was Nora the Cat the original Piano Playing cat who was a meme in her own right.

  I'm goin'a DANCE, DANCE, DANCE & the Kitty Cat Dance Meme hit the scene

  More updates on Memes and Meme Cats can be found on my Blog on Blogger. Some Kitteh Entries are:
 I have a Tumblr called Cybergata, Cats, Memes, New Mexico that has photos and other things about cats.

 Be sure you don't miss my 60 Pages Plus Cat Animation Gallery OR photos of the CaTS that have been in my life.

The Internet may not be made of cats, but it is full of cat Lovers! Below are some of my favorite Cat Vids that have "gone Viral".

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