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  Cornell   Feline Health Center

  Encyclopedia of Feline Veterinary Medical Information from

  Cat Information from the Humane Society

  Plants Toxic to Cats

  Kitten Stuff from Vetinfo has information on taking care of your kitten

  The Cat House A House designed just for cats.

  Catio Showcase - Cat enclosures or Cat Patios Our "Cat Run" - an Outdoor Cat Enclosure with link to photos of other Cat Enclosures

  PDF file of Do-It-Yourself Cat Fence

 Cat Fence-In - Complete kit to cat-proof your existing fenced yard.

 More YouTube Videos on Constructing Cat Enclosures

  The Secret To Kitty Klips© - The Cat Containment System

  A Web Site full ofThe Classic Felix The Cat.

  More Felix the Cat on the Web

  Ron's Official Felix The Cat Home Page

  The Freddie Street Cats Home Page.

  Cat Quilts.

  The Cats From Outer Space FAQ and how to know if your cat is from outer space.

  "Claude Cat" & Global Cat Research!

  The Rocking Punk Kittens

  Litterbox - Scratch - Cat band performing their 3rd hit, "Scratch" Live in Concert

  ChillOUT is a video from the Brand the Youth of Britain featuring a very cool Cat!

  Vampire Cat's Club

More Mean Kitty Videos on YouTube from Sparta (the Mean kitty), Loki and Cory who adores them both.

  Seventeen Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat

  My b. kliban QAT'S Colander scans!

  Kliban Qat Shirts are back at Crazy Shirts! Whoopee! ! !

  Kliban Cat Goodies from Colorful Critters

  The Official Pet Education

  Articles on Cats from HubPages - has information on Cats, Cat Basics, Health & Behavior as well as Photos & Forums

  Cat Fanciers

  Pet Friendly Hotels - InstantPet-Friendly Hotel Search

  You can find just about anything about cats on

  Hurricane Pet Preparedness from the Nation Hurricane Center

  Emergency pet preparedness from the ASP CA & ASP CA's Cat Care site

  Library Cat Map - How many Libraries have Cats?

  Cool Cat Animation - Lap Cat

  Dharma the Cat - Philosophy With Fur Cartoons that blend humor & spirituality -- on the rocky path to nirvana with a Buddhist cat, a novice monk and a mouse hell-bent on cheese.

  Tao Of Meow

  The Pinky Show - Cute Cats Pinky & Daisy educated the world.

  John Lennon's Cats

  How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

  Kitler - Cats That Look Like Hitler

  How To Sleep With Your Allergic Human Pet

  Cats In Sinks

  Kitty Porn

  Cat Astrology

  How to Make A Cat Hammock

  A Mom is A Mom no matter what the species - A Chimp that mothers abandoned Tiger Cubs
  Hallmarks of Felinity from the comic strip Chickweed Lane

  off the mark cat cartoons

  Sam's Cats - What Cat Can & What Cat Can't

  The Pride, reality Cat Cartoon by Jane Denny, based on her real feline family. Check out her pet emergency stickers.

  Kit 'n' Carlyle - A daily 'toon about a woman and her cat

  Kittens! The Comic

  The Official Garfield Site

  It started in 1999 with a photo of Frankie and a rose. Then followed a photo a cat looking at Frankie, and a cat looking at the last cat looking at the last cat looking . . .

  Funny Cat Pictures and Funny Cat Videos

  KittenWar - Choose the cutest kitten

  Stuff On My Cat - stuff + cats = awesome, photos of cats with, yes, STUFF

  KittehRoulette - click the "Next Kitteh" button and be taken to a new random kitteh video

  Fun Photos of Cats sleeping positions

  Cat of the Day

  Sound Effects for Your Cats

  One of the best YouTube Video contributors, Simon & Simon's Cat has it own web page.

  Yoga Kitty Purr - fect Yoga Videos are both cute and hilarious

  According to Marley Blog, A cat's eye view of the World

  For Cats Only - Useful advice for cats, cat product reviews and how to clicker train your human

  Recipe for a Happy Cat

  Paw Nation for Cats

  From PBS's Nature, Extraordinary Cats

  Care2 Cat On-line Cards

  Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge

  Alley Cat Allies - National nonprofit clearinghouse for information on feral and stray cats.

Feral CaT Project

Feral CaT Resources

  Welcome to the Cat House!The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's, Feline Conservation Center (FCC)

  The Meditative Cat

  Diabella Loves Cats with vintage cat graphics and more fun cat stuff!

  My Favorite Store - The Old Town Cat House Check out their uniquely New Mexican Story Tellers.

  Pink Cloud Gallery has unique clocks made out of wood of both Cats and Dogs, plus you can design your own clock.

  Catty Corner - Cat Lover Gifts & Collectibles

  Pugsly's Trading Post - Cat Lover's Central has Catzilla!

  The Original Kit Cat Clocks I have a Black one!

  Kitty City for gifts that make you and your cat purrrrr!

On Zazzle, Chairman Meow shirts from Obey The PureBreed. Also found on Cafe Express, Obey the Kitty.

Find JazzCats T-shirts at thebluecat on Zazzle has whimsical cats, dogs, Frida and more, all original paintings done by artist Carol Cooper.

kilkennycat's Store at Zazzle

  Hello Kitty's Blog

  Hello Kitty Hell - One Man's Life With Cute Overload

  13 Cats has my cat's favorite catnip toys plus other goodies for cats and the people they own
  Cat Humor, Jokes & Laughs

  What's A Good Cat

  Bill Hall's Cat Tales

  More cat fun from The Oatmeal, Cat Versus The Internet

  26 Pictures of Crazy Cat Furniture

  10 Yoga Postures Performed By Cats

  Make Googling With Kittens Your Official Search Page

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