Polly and Cassie
Jim's daughter, Chamissa, gave him Polly & Cassy as kittens to keep him company after her mother and Jim split up. These two girls were loved and spoiled by Jim from then on.

Jim & I knew that one of our biggest challenges when we moved in together was bringing his two beautiful twin girls into a house with my three older & very spoiled cats.

There were conflicts from time to time when jealousies flares, but each cat had found their place and their space.

Polly flourished in the new house hold, but Cassy, who was originally the dominate of the two, had a harder time.
Cassie had a rough first year, but with plenty of attention for me, she slowly entered the "pride". She has since become very fond of me, as she still is of Jim.
Snuggle Sisters

There were times when "the fur would fly," but the kitty dynamics between our five cats was endlessly fascinating. As long as they all knew they are loved & had a place in our home, they were happy cats.


Polly & Tesuque

Sometimes they comforted each other, other times they competed for attention. Sometimes they would roll around the floor playing together, but Cassie & Polly were always best friends for life.

Poor Polly became very thin and began having seizures. The Vet diagnosed her as having Hypothroidism, which is suppose to be rare in cats. There is no cure, so we give her medication twice a day. At first she fought taking pills, but soon she became a sweetie about taking them. For a while she was much better.


Jim and I have had the sadness of having four of our original five cats die within the past two year. For a while we became the "Duránas Geriatrics Cat House." We loved them, even when they were incontinent. We took care of them and loved them to the very end. First it was Tesuque, which still is painful, who died last May 2006. Shortly after his death, Polly followed. She had been sick for a while, and she died in my arms at the Vet's office. My heart still breaks at the thought of it. Dulce died around August first, 2007. She was the most loving and intelligent cat I've ever known. I'll miss her forever.

Quatro was the next. He died at the end of the Winter in 2008. Quatro had a great last weekend with his best buddy, Jim. Jim had the sprinkler on to water the grass, and one of Quatty's favorite things to do was to run in and out of the sprinkling water.

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