Sophie's Pride

Sophia, Mommy Kitty

Jim has been watching Sophia and her family for a while before I became aware of them. He had gotten to know their family dynamics from watching them. They were a close knit group with Sophia at the center. She had two Tortie girls and one fluffy Gray boy kitty. Soon she had two more cats, one was Pojoaque, who we were able to adopt, and the other Nambe, we were not able to adopt.

Sisters Clara and Ildy peeking out from behind the wall.

Brave Clara with Ildy behind her.

Jim had already started to feed them. He was getting them accustom to eating inside a large cat carrier I had. I had this carrier because it was as wide as Dulce could spread out and once she was able to get all four paws on the sides of the door, there was no way to get her inside. It was the perfect size for Sophia's pride.

Juan always defers to his sisters and mother,
and loves to play with his little brother.


We started to discuss what we should do about our stray and feral cats. Jim was already in love with the group. Having Pojoaque join our family made us love Sophia even more. We were lucky to find a group called New Mexico Animal Friends who helped support a Feral cat Spay/Neuter Program. We knew it would be a challenge to capture them all and take care of them after their surgery, but we felt that this was are only option.

Clara, Juan, Nambe looking up, Sophia and Clara

The spay/neuter clinic gave each cat medical care if it was needed and clipped their ears. These clipped ears protect them from being taken by animal control. It is a sign that they have been spayed/neutered and have humans watching out for them.

Nambe, Juan, Ildy and Clara

We have given them a safe place to stay, and we feed them every day. We also named them. The mommy is Sophia, as I call her, or Sophie, as Jim calls her. Of course Pojoaque's womb mate is named Nambe after the Pueblo that is the neighbor Pueblo to both Pojoaque Pueblo and Tesuque Pueblo. Nambe's older brother is Juan after San Juan Pueblo. His two Tortie sisters are Clara after Santa Clara Pueblo, Ildy after San Ildefonso Pueblo. Both Jim and I grew up in Northern New Mexico near these Pueblos and we share an affection for them all as well as for all of Sophia's pride.

Our two feral Tortie girls disappeared for about eleven days. I was really worried about them, and searched through the photos of lost cats on the ABQ Animal Shelter web page wondering if they were picked up. We were ready to bail them out if that was the situation. They came back looking hungry and a bit ragged, and I envisioned them having a real adventure like Milo and Ottis. They disappeared a few times more, and finally never came back. We knew that loving feral cats would have its heart breaks, and the disappearance of Ildy and Clara has been a big heart break.

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