Comix, Sci Fi Obsessions, Loose Links

  Mad Magazine Cover Collection

  Kliban Cartoons without cats and my own Kliban Cat Scans

  Bill Griffth's Zippy the Pinhead Site

  Howard Cruse Central!

  The Creator of Nard 'n Pat Jay Lynch

  Robert Armstrong, the Creator of my favortie UG Comix, Mickey Rat

  UnderGroundcomix.INFO A resource for collectors of Underground Comix, aka 'head comix' of the 60's & 70's.

  Sir Real's Underground Comix Classix

  The Official Crumb Site

  The Crumb Museum

Confessions of Robert Crumb
  The Comics Journal.

  If your ever in San Francisco, make sure to stop by Comic Outpost and say hello to Gary

  Robert Crumb's Heroes of the Blues

  Rip Off Press is my favorite source for Underground Comix!

  Last Gasp is another U.G. publisher still bringing comix to the masses

  Dennis Kitchen and Kitchen Sink Press

  Freaknet - The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comics


©Gilbert Shelton

©Gilbert Shelton

  Everyman Studios Online Comics!

  Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust

  TOONOPEDIA: A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge

nancy.gif - 8.2 K
  V for Vendetta, the Movie

  Buy the Graphic Novel, V For Vendetta

  The V For Vendetta Shrine

  The Global Headquarters for All Things Monty Python & their Official Site

  The Monty Python Channel on YouTube

Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site with Pictures, Sounds, Video, Scripts and other Monty Python information

  Monty Python's Personal Best & Flying Circus on PBS

Star Trek WWW The Mother of All Star Trek Sites.

  FarScape Ezine| Expand the Web

  FarScape from The Jim Henson Company

  Discover Farscape

  Wav Central: The Wav Sounds Source

  Area 404 - Great 404s of the Web

  Can't Get Enough Futurama: Futurama News

  Thank you Comedy Central for giving Futurama a new life. Here are some of theirFuturama Clips

  Futurama Madhouse, Fansite

  Futurama Point - Futurama News

  Futurama Wiki

  Exploratorium: ExploraNet, one of my favorite places I've visited, is now on the Web.

  Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures.

  Views of the Solar System

  Dave's Storm & Lightning Page has some great lighting photos.

  Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names

  Duct Tape Fashion

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