Pojoaque, Laguna, Tiguex and Our Feral Pride

Around the same time our lovely Cassie died, a new cat was showing up within the feral community. He was a stray Ginger-Cream, young cat that someone left in the neighborhood. He managed to put himself at the center of the feral pride, side by side with Sophie. Other cats outside Sophie's pride had tried to join, but remained on the edge of the pride. Not so with our charismatic Tiguex, the master of kitty politics.

I started to befriend him during mid-winter. I had tried using catnip to get closer to the other feral cats, but they always stayed away from the catnip until I put a good amount of distance between me and the catnip. Not so with Tiguex. I started picking him up and holding him for a while every day, and before long he started to follow me around. The next step was to take him into the Vet.

I worried about putting in a carrier, but he was so good about getting in. He and I had already bonded & our visits to the Vet. only strengthened that bond. I comforted him and when I started to freak out, he would put his paw up to my face and then lick my face to comfort me. There was no way that this cat was going back outside. I couldn't stand the thought of him disappearing one day like Ildy & Clara had. Now I had to convince Jim and the other cats to accept my little guy.

We were very careful about bringing Tiguex into our indoor kitty world. We kept in the bedroom away from the other cats until he got use to Jim and being inside. Then we would let him out with the other cats while we were home & awake. Slowly Tiguex used his charm to become friends with everyone. Laguna is still not sure she likes another cat in the house, but our Tiguex is a hard cat not to love.
tiguex & Poljoaque


With Tiguex joining the indoor cats, we have notice the return of a couple of other feral males, both with cropped ears & both neutered. We've seen these guys before, but I think Tiguex kept them away. We call the blond cat Güero & the tiny dark gray one Taos. The tiny gray one looks like a miniature Juan or Nambe & is likely related to them.


Nambe in the Front
& Juan in the Back

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