Thurston de Montfort
Geoffrey Murdac
Thurston de Montfort
(Abt 1093-)
Juliane Murdac
(Abt 1125-)
Juliana Montfort
(-After 1202)


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Robert de Daiville

Juliana Montfort

  • Born: Kilburn, North Riding Yorkshire, England
  • Marriage: Robert de Daiville
  • Died: After Aug 1202, England

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• Family Background: From GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives. 193
From: <John Ravilious>
Subject: Identification of Julian(a), wife of Robert de Daiville
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:32:42 -0400

In the CP account of the family of Deiville (also de Daiville, D'Eyville & c.) one individual previously unidentified was 'Julian', wife of Robert de Daiville (d. before 2 April 1201). The footnote concerning the ancestors of the Lords Deiville [Vol. IV, p. 131, note a] mentions her by name only, and states that she was the mother of John de Daiville, of Egmanton, Notts., son and heir of Robert.

The other issue arose recently in the postings concerning the Stuteville family, as a daughter of Robert de Stuteville (II as I recall) is shown as marrying 'Robert de Daivill'. At this point, it was not certain as to whether this was the 'correct' Robert, and given the lack of documentation in the CP account, which spouse of Robert de Daiville was the mother of John.

Rosie has found the identifying information in C.T. Clay, Early Yorkshire Charters vlx no. 17, and has provided the text from Curia Regis Roll, vol. ix, p. 291 which establishes that Julian was Juliana de Montfort, daughter of Thurstan de Montfort by Juliana Murdac, daughter of Geoffrey Murdac. The salient portion of the CR Roll record provided by Rosie states [concerning the claims put forward in 1220 regarding the estate of Walter de Montfort, son of Thurstan]:

' Et super hoc venit Johannes de Ayvill' et dicit quod cartas illas de Waltero debet ipse habere et non heres predicti Thurstani, quia Henricus de Muntford avus predicti heredid Thurstani dedit quandam terram predicto Waltero pro homagio suo et idem Johannes est filius sororis ipsius Walteri '

To which Rosie has also kindly provided the English rendering:

And afterwards John D'Eiville came and said that the charters of Walter [de Montfort] belonged to him and not the heirs of the said Thurstan because Henry de Montfort, the grandfather of the said Thurstan's heirs, had given the land to Walter for homage, and John was the son of the sister of this Walter.

Rosie has further demonstrated that the lands given to the Stuteville wife of Robert de Daiville [Langford] reverted back to the family, and that the lands of Kilburn, co. York. which were transferred to Roger de Mowbray (from whom de Daiville thereafter held them) were retained by the Deiville family. Rosie quoted below:

' Here is an abstract of a charter from EYC vix no.17.

Notification by Robert the dean and the chapter of York of an exchange between Roger de Mowbray, Robert de Stuteville, and Robert de Daiville and Juliana his wife, daughter of Thurstan de Montfort, by which, whereas Robert de Daiville was holding a moiety of Langford of Roger de Mowbray in fee and the other moiety of Langford with the vill of Kilburn in frank-marriage of Robert de Stuteville, whose sister he had accepted as his wife, Roger de Mowbray gave to Robert de Stuteville the former moiety of Langford in exchange for Kilburn ; and Robert Daiville, holding Kilburn of Roger de Mowbray, gave it to Juliana for her dower, who quitclaimed her dower rights in a moiety of Langford.[1154-1170]. '

The foregoing, together with the CR Roll concerning the claims of John de Daiville, proves the relationship.

All credit, and my thanks, to Rosie for her collegiality and willingness to share. Any questions, criticism or findings of shortcomings concerning this post should as always be directed to me.

1 Thurstan de Montfort
probable father of Thurstan de Montfort and his brothers[1]

Children: Robert (-<1142)
Thurstan (-ca1170)
Henry (-<1170)

1.1 Robert de Montfort
Death: bef 1142, d.s.p.[1]

of Preston, co. Rutland

1.2 Thurstan de Montfort
Death: ca 1170[1]

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick

a charter in Clay, EYC [vlx no. 17] identifies Robert de Daiville and 'Juliana his wife, daughter of Thurstan de Montfort'[2]

had charter for a market, granted 1141 by the Empress Matilda, to be

held at the manor [Regesta, iii, p. 597][3]

held 10 1/4 fees of the Earl of Warwick, 3 1/4 fees of Roger de Mowbray in Yorks., and 1/4 fee [Henley in Arden] of Robert de Stafford in 1166 [Red Book of the Exchequer, pp. 268, 325, 420][1]

Spouse: Juliana Murdac
Father: Geoffrey Murdac (->1130)

Children: Juliana (->1202)
Robert (-ca1185)
Henry (-ca1199)
Walter (-<1199)

1.2.1 Juliana de Montfort
Death: aft Aug 1202[1]

'Julian' , parentage not identified, in CP Vol. IV (Deiville)[1]

2nd wife of Robert de Daiville

received vill of Kilburn, co. Yorks. as her dower following exchange of same between Robert de Stuteville and Roger de Mowbray [of whom it was subsequently held][2]

Rosie Bevan, citing Curia Regis Roll, vol. ix, p. 291 [dated 1220] : ' William de Cantelou as custodian of Piers [de Montfort] and his sisters (not stated how many) petitioned the prior " del Broc " for charters pertaining to the feoffment of Walter de Montfort, to establish who his (Walter's) heirs were. Several members of the family came forward claiming to be his heirs. '[4]

One of these claimants was Juliana's son, John de Daiville (called John de Ayvill in the C.R. Roll)[4]

Spouse: Robert De Daiville
Death: bef 2 Apr 1201[2]
Father: Robert De Daiville
Marr: bef 1170[2]

Children: John (->1228) John De Daiville
Death: aft Jun 1228[1]
of Egmanton, Notts.[1]

claimed to be (an) heir of his uncle, Walter de Montfort (R. Bevan, citing Curia Regis Roll, vol. ix, p. 291)[4]

his maternity as indicated was originally based on:

1) CP Vol. IV p. 131 note a (simply calls her 'Julian')[1]
2) Analysis and cites by Rosie Bevan, showing that the holdings of Langford, co. Notts. of the maritagium (modified) of Robert de Daiville's first wife were NOT inherited by John de Daiville[2]

Spouse: Maud de Percy
Father: Joscelin of Louvain (-ca1180)
Mother: Agnes de Percy (-<1204)

Children: Sir Robert (->1242)
Henry Sir Robert De Daiville
Death: aft May 1242[1]

of Egmanton, Notts., Adlingfleet & c., co. York

Spouse: Denise Fitz William[1]
Father: Thomas FitzWilliam (->1252)
Mother: Agnes Bertram

Children: Sir John (-<1291)
Adam (-<1283) Sir John D'Eiville
Death: bef Oct 1291[1]

knight, of Egmanton, Notts., Adlingfleet, Kilburn and Thornton, co. York received lands in Barnborough and Darfield as inheritance from brother Adam (who d.s.p., 1282)[1]

Chief Justice and Keeper of the King's forests North of Trent, 1257-1261; joined the baronial cause, and appointed Constable of Scarborough Castle 6 Sept 1264; occupied Isle of Axholme with younger Simon de Montfort, 1265; continued action against royal forces, occupying Southwark with Earl of Gloucester, Apr 1267.[5]
Admitted to the King's peace 1 July 1267[6], and had seizin of
his lands and remission of the first year of his ransom.

NOTE: his lands had been granted to Queen Eleanor, wife of Henry III, following Evesham; due to his restoration, the King wrote a letter to Queen Eleanor 1 July 1267 requesting she accept this decision 'for reasons which he will explain more fully at their next talk together' [CPR 1266-72, 74][5]

his fine was the largest imposed on the former rebels, at

600 marks[5]

Summoned to Parliament {in rebellion} 24 Dec 1264 by writ directed 'Johanni de Eyvill'[1]

he became a household knight of King Edward: 'John d'Eyvile headed a list of bannerets in a document in 1284-5, and served the king loyally until his death in 1291.' (Prestwich, p. 149)[6]
Spouse: Maud
Marr: bef 8 May 1275[1]

Children: Sir John (-ca1325) Sir John Deiville*
Death: ca 1325[1]

knight, of Egmanton, Notts. and Adlingfleet, Kilburn and Thornton, co. York[1]
1st husband of Margaret
sold manors of Kilburn and Castle Hood to the Earl of Lancaster, 1319 for 200 marks, and the manor of Thornton to John d'Ellerker, 1322[1]

Spouse: Margaret[1]
Death: bef 8 May 1341[1]

Children: Joan (-ca1378)

Other Spouses Agnes Sir John Deiville* (See above)

Spouse: Agnes[1]

Children: Sir Robert (->1337)

Other Spouses Margaret Adam D'Eiville
Death: bef 1283, d.s.p. (murdered)[1]

of Darfield, co. York[1] Henry De Daiville

of Gargrave, co. York [inherited from mother][1]

1.2.2 Robert de Montfort
Death: ca 1185, d.s.p.[1]

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick, & c.

1.2.3 Henry de Montfort
Death: ca 1199[1]

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick, & c.

Children: Thurstan (ca1184-<1216)
Margery Thurstan de Montfort
Birth: ca 1184[1]
Death: bef 21 Nov 1216[1]

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick

b. ca. 1184 (a minor at his father's death; King John took his homage, 1205)[1]

'In Michaelmas term 1208 the latter's [Thurstan de Montfort's] grandson, a younger Thurstan de Montfort, claimed a moiety of the vill of Langton with its appurtenances against Eustace de Vescy as his right and inheritance by descent from Geoffrey Murdac, who was seised thereof, to Juliana his daughter,.... to Henry..., father of Thurstan the plaintiff, to whom it ought to descend...'
[R. Bevan, citing Clay, Early Yorkshire Charters ix p. 66][2]

Spouse: NN de Cantelou
Father: William de Cantelou (?1158-1239)
Mother: Mesceline de Braci

Children: Piers (>1210-1265)
William (-?1220) Piers de Montfort
Birth: aft Oct 1210[1]
Death: 4 Aug 1265, Battle of Evesham[1]

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick

his wardship given to William de Cantelou (the elder) on his father's death, 1215/6

had charter from King Henry III dated 3 July 1221 for a market and fair at Henley in Arden, co. Warwick, 'to be held at the manor until the King came of age.'[3]

also a charter dated 10 Feb 1227 from King Henry III for a market and fair at Beaudesert, co. Warwick [the market and fair evidently held by William de 'Cantilupe', who paid 15 marks for holding same][3]

On pilgrimage with his lord Wiliam de Cauntelo the younger to Santiago de Compostela, 1236.[1]

Supporter of Simon de Montfort (slain at Evesham, 1265)

Spouse: Alice de Aldithley
Father: Sir Henry de Aldithley (~1175-<1246)
Mother: Bertrade de Mainwaring
Marr: bef 1229[1]

Children: Piers (~1240-<1286) Piers de Montfort[7]
Birth: abt 1240
Death: bef 4 Mar 1286[1]

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick
Fought at Evesham for Simon de Montfort, 4 Aug 1265 (taken prisoner; subseq. restored to part of father's lands).
On pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, 1271/72 and again 1274/75[1]

Spouse: Matilda de la Mare
Birth: abt 1242
Father: Matthew de la Mare (-<1260)
Marr: abt 1260[1]

Children: Alice (-1354)
John (-<1296) Alice de Montfort*
Death: Aug 1354[1]
Burial: Priory of St. Frideswide [Christ Church], Oxford[1]

called Elizabeth in her inquisitions p.m. (CP Vol. V-Furnivalle, pp. 582-583n)[1]

she m. lstly William de Montagu m. 2ndly Sir Thomas de Furnival[1]

Spouse: William de Montagu
Death: 18 Oct 1319, Gascony[7]
Father: Simon de Montagu (-1316)
Mother: Hawise de St. Amand
Marr: abt 1292

Children: John (-<1318)
William (1301-~1343)

Other Spouses Sir Thomas de Furnival Alice de Montfort* (See above)
Spouse: Sir Thomas de Furnival
Death: bef 18 Apr 1332[1]
Birth: aft Dec 1251[1]
Father: Thomas de Furnival (-1291)
Marr: 8 Jun 1322[1]

Other Spouses William de Montagu John de Montfort
Death: bef 11 May 1296[8],[1]
Occ: Lord Montfort

of Beaudesert, co. Warwick

summoned to Parliament from 24 June 1295 by writ directed 'Johanni de Monte Forti', held thereby to have become Lord Montfort[8]

Spouse: Alice de la Plaunche
Death: aft 1302[1]
Father: William de la Plaunche

Children: John (-1314)
Piers (-1369)
Alice (1296->1323) William de Montfort
Death: ? 1220, d.s.p.[4]

of Ringwood[1]

probably d. before 1220 (not identified as being in the custody of William de Cantelou at the time of the 1220 Curia Regis Roll entry)[4] Juliana de Montfort[4]

Spouse: NN de Bishopston[4]

Children: Thomas Thomas de Bishopston[4]
---------------------------------------- Margery de Montfort[4]

Spouse: Geoffrey de Charlecote[4]

1.2.4 Walter de Montfort
Death: bef 1199, d.s.p.[4]

1.3 Henry de Montfort
Death: bef 1170[1]

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Juliana married Robert de Deiville. (Robert de Deiville was born in Egmanton, Southwell, Notthinghamshire, England and died before 2 Apr 1201.)

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