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Emma de Offord
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William le Daneys
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William le Daneys

  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: After 1263, Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England 1116

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• Background Information. 1116
Before 1234, however, the manor of Tickencotes had passed to William le Daneys, who, with his overlord Robert Grimbald, consented to the presentation to the church of Tickencote by the abbot of Owston (co. Leic.) [Rot. Hug. de Welles, loc. cit.]. William had married as his second wife Mabel, who was apparently heiress of the Tickencotes, as on the death of William in 1250 his widow Mabel had the custody of the manor [Cal. Inq. Hen. III, nos. 203, 275] until the majority of the heir, John, which occurred in 1253 [Cal. Inq. op. cit. no. 275]. John in that year had seisin of the manor, which had been in the king's hands on account of the debt owing from William de Plessetis, who had a lien on the manor from William le Daneys, saving the dower of Mabel [Cal. Close R. 1251-3, p. 410]. John le Daneys seems to have died without issue before 1263, when lands in Tickencote were settled on Mabel for life with reversion to William [Feet of F. Rutl. East. 47 Hen. III, no. 58], son of Richard le Daneys, brother of Mabel's husband William [V.C.H. Hunts. ii. 123]. William, son of William son of Richard, had a son Brice le Daneys [Ibid.; Assize R. 348, m. 6 d.], who with Isabel his wife was holding lands in Tickencote in 1287 [Feet of F. Rutl. Hil. 16 Edw. I, no. 17]. Brice held a quarter of a fee and Hugh de Bussey half a fee there in 1305.

~ A History of the County of Rutland, Vol. II, pp. 275-281

• Background Information. 1036
Robert de Upford or Hofford
had the advowson of the church, and his daughter Emma married William le Daneys or Dacus [Curia Regis R. i, 340], to whom she brought the manor of Offard and advowson. William le Daneys and Emma had two daughters, Isabella (who married firstly Richard de Haselbewe, and secondly Hugh de Kingesdon or Ringkesdune), and Maud, who married Robert Grimbald [Bridges, Hist. Northants. ii, 368, 369]. Their daughter Isabella Grimbald married Richard Pauncefot [Ibid.; Curia Regis R. 161, m. 15d]. William le Daneys, however, in 1241 granted to John le Daneys, probably his brother, a knight's fee, being all the lands in Offord, which had formerly belonged to him, and Emma his wife [Cal. Feet of F. Hunts., Camb. Antiq. Soc., 19; Feet of F. Hunts. 25 Hen. III, no. 135]. John le Daneys seems to have died in the same year, and the manor was delivered to Philippa, his widow, who was holding in 1242-3 [Bk. of Fees, ii, 921, 923]. John and Philippa had two daughters, Ella who married William de Bolevill, and Joan or Juliana who apparently died unmarried in 1245 [Cal. Close, 1242-7, p. 13]. On the death of Ella before 1259 without issue, there was much litigation as to the ownership of the manor. Brice le Daneys claimed to be heir as the son of William, son of William, son of Richard le Daneys, brother of John le Daneys, father of Ella [Assize R. 348, m. 6d]. William le Daneys, probably the father of Brice, claimed in 1261 4 carucates except a virgate in Offord against Robert de Hereford and Richard Pauncefot and Isabella his wife [Ibid. 343, m. 3d].

~ VCR: A History of the County of Huntingdon, Vol II, pp. 322-326

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