(Abt 1032-)
Albert de Grelley
(Abt 1120-1174)
Orm Fitz Ailward
(Abt 1090-)
Emma Grelley
Roger Fitz Orme de Ashton
(Abt 1122-After 1195)


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Daughter of Richerd de Lancaster

Roger Fitz Orme de Ashton

  • Born: Abt 1122, Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England
  • Marriage: Daughter of Richerd de Lancaster
  • Died: After 1195, Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England

bullet   Other names for Roger were Roger de Ashton and Roger de Kirkby.

bullet  General Notes:

~The History of Ashton-under-Lyne, p. 47, names him as Robert or Roger, son of Orm. 833

~The Barony of Grelley, pp. 23-30. calls him Roger de Ashton. 836

~The Genealogy of the Southworths, p. 405 157

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 833
Roger Fitz Orme de Assheton, on the decease of his father, and in full accordance with the feudal custom of his day, received from his uncle, Albertus de Greslet, III, a confirmation of the grand made to Ormeus by his grandfather Albert de Greslet, namely a carucate of land in Eston, also a grant in fee of all Eston, or Assheton. Roger, "inspired by the piety of his age," gave the Abbey of Cockersand, his lands in Nuthurst, and according to a deed without date, Thomas the second son of Ormeus, in conjunction with his father, or by his consent, also gave land to Robert de Burun (Bryon), pro homagio et servicio. These land were probably in Ashton (Eston), for Sir John Byron, years later, was found to have 2s rent in "Assheton subtus Limam."

~History of Ashton-under-Lyne and and the Surrounding District, p. 50

• Background Information. 931
Orme was succeeded by Robert, whose successor, Thomas had two sons, Robert and Gilbertus.

~History and description of the town and parish of Ashton-Under-Lyne, p. 14

• Background Information. 826
In 1212 Robert Grelley held the two plough-lands and should render 20s. or a goshawk, but Albert Grelley, the father, or perhaps the grandfather of Robert, had given to Roger son of Orm 'the whole land of Ashton, with all its appurtenances,' with other lands, just as the said Roger had held them of Albert's father, at the rent of 20s. or a hawk.

~History of Lancaster, Vol. 4 VCH, "Ashton-under-Lyne," pp. 338-347

• Background Information. 775
In 1066 Kirkby Ireleth seems to have been part of Earl Tostig's Hougun lordship [V.C.H. Lancs, i, 289b]. It was in the king's hands in 1086, and in 1127 was included in Stephen's grant of a moiety of Furness to found the abbey, so that the immediate lords were afterwards stated to hold of the abbots. The pedigree of the Kirkby family can be traced to Orm son of Ailward or Eiward, to whom, as formerly stated, Albert Grelley, lord of Manchester, granted a knight's fee in Wrightington, &c, in marriage with his daughter Emma [Lancs. Inq. and Extents (Rec. Soc. Lancs, and Ches.), i, 55]. Roger son of Orm had a confirmation of Ashton and of Heaton, near Lancaster, from a later Albert Grelley, about 1160 [Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R. 403]. As Roger de Kirkby he attested a somewhat earlier grant of land in Copeland to Furness Abbey [Dtp. Keeper's Rep. xxxvi, App. 178].

~VCH A History of the County of Lancaster, Vol. VIII. pp. 392-400

Roger married Daughter of Richerd de Lancaster, daughter of Richard de Lancaster and Margaret.

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