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1. Maria Antonia Gutiérrez

2. María Luisa Baca
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Capitán Juan de Archibeque

  • Born: 1671, Bayonne, France 252
  • Marriage (1): Maria Antonia Gutiérrez in 1697 in Santa Clara, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248
  • Marriage (2): Unknown
  • Partnership (3): María de Mascareñas
  • Marriage (4): María Manuela Roybal on 8 Aug 1719 in Río Arriba, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248
  • Died: 16 Aug 1720, Platte River on the Villasur Expedition at age 49 269

bullet   Another name for Juan was Jean L'Archevêque.

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information: 269
Captain Juan de Archibeque as know in New Mexico, originally named Jean L'Archeveque was born in Bayonne, France in 1671, the son of Claude L'Archeveque and Marie d'Armagnac. He was part of the La Salle Expedition in search of the Mississippi Delta, but his ship landed on the Texas coast by mistake. Two years later he and a man named Grolet, surrendered themselves to the Spanish troops in Texas. They were to Mexico City, then and were condemned to work in the mines in San Luis Potosí. By 1693, they were among those recuited to come to New Mexico at Zacatecas.

~The Origins of New México Families, p. 129

• Background Information: 269
From the Spanish Archives, Vol. 1, pp. 14-15:
According to Ad. F. Bandelier, Capitán Juan de Archiveque was the captain of the War Councils of 1715 and 1720, and in the 1720 council "where the project of the illfacted reconnoissance to the Arkansas river was discussed, and Capt. Archibeque strongly recommended it, alleging in its favor, along other easons, that it would procure definite information in regard to 'his' countrymen, the French.

"Researchers at the archives of U.S. Surveyor-General's office at Santa Fé brought to light documents which impart valuabble information. There is in the first place a transfer to Juan de Archibeque, 'a soldier' of certain real estate in Santa Fé, in the year 1701. Lastly there is the Inventory of the goods and chattels of the Capitán Juan de Archibeque, a Frenchman, bearing date 1720. From this manuscript we gather that our man accompanied the expedition ot the Arkansas which he had so strongly advocated, and the he, with some forty-three other Spaniards, was killed there by the Pawnee Indians on the 17 of August of the same year.

"We futher gather that Archibeque was twice married, and left two legitimate and two illegitimate children: That after leaving the military service he became a successful trader, extending his trading tours to Sonora, and sometimes buying directly at the City of México. His estate, after settlement, yielded 6118 pesos to the heirs, an amount quite respectable at the time. Upon a second visit to Santa Clara, I (Bandelier) found there at last the Diligencia Matrimonial of L'Archeueque alias Archibeque. It bears date 1697, and his (first) wife was the widow of Thomas de Ytta, murdered in 1694 near Zacatecas by a mulatto. She herself was a native of Tezcuco, in the "Valle de Méjico."

• Web Reference: Jean L'Archevêque from Wikipedia.
L'Archevêque was born to Claude and Marie (d'Armagnac) L'Archevêque on September 30, 1672 in Bayonne, France. [Blake, Robert Bruce, Jean L'Archevêque, Handbook of Texas] The L'Archevêque family was Catholic while in Bayonne, but the family had been bourgeois Huguenots (French Protestant Calvinists) in Bordeaux prior to the conversion of Pierre L'Archevêque, Jean L'Archevêque's paternal grandfather. The family relocated to Bayonne in the 1650s. [Hordes, To the End of the Earth (2005), p. 190]

• Web Reference: Biographies from Santa Fe County Genealogy Trails.
Children of Jean L'Archevêque and María Antonio Gutiérrez:

[1] Miguel de Archibeque, was born about 1698. On 2 November 1716, he married María Roybal [1697-1744], at San Ildefonso. He was apparently a trader, for at the time of his father's death in 1720, Miguel was gone from Santa Fe on a trading trip to Sonora for his merchant father. Miguel wrote a will on August 14, 1727, in Santa Fe, and died soon afterward. María. Their only son, Lorenzo Claudio, died in infancy. A daughter, Antonia Juliana de Archibeque, married Juan Manuel Gabaldón, 26 July 1735, and had a large family. María de Archibeque and her husband Francisco Casados were the witnesses. In 1744 Juan Manuel probated the estate of his mother-in-law.
[2] María de Archibeque, was born about 1702. Her mother may have died giving birth to her. She married Francisco José Casados, Alcalde of Santa Fe, on 28 October 1716, in Santa Fe, and was the mother of Gertrudis Casados, [abt. 1738-bef. 1780]. wife of Nicolas Martín [abt.1730-]. In 1729 Francisco and María sold a house and some land to José Riaño, the new husband of María's stepmother, María Manuela Roybal. [Spanish Archives of NM, Vol. I, p.206] Casados was very prominent in Santa Fe.

Illegitimate sons of Jean L'Archevêque:

[3] Agustín de Archibeque On 17 May 1739, in Santa Fe, Pascuala Padilla sold some lands to Agustín. The transaction was before Alcalde Antonio Montoya, the famous Indian fighter.[SANM V.1, p.20] He married Manuela Trujillo. Agustin was probably the son of an servant of Juan de Archibeque as was his brother Juan. He may have been a mestizo. All the Archibeques of New Mexico today are descended from Agustín.
[4] Juan de Archibeque II was Juan's son by María de Mascareñas, an orphan who came to the Archibeque home to work as a servant. After his father's death, Juan II used his mother's surname, Mascareñas.

By Donald Rivara, June 23, 2009.

Juan married Maria Antonia Gutiérrez in 1697 in Santa Clara, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.248 (Maria Antonia Gutiérrez was born in 1678 in Ciudád de Méjico, Nueva España and died in Santa Clara, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial: 248
1697. Santa Fé. Juan de Archibeque (25), native of Bayno in France and soldier of Santa Fé Prsidio (DM incomplete) and Antonia Gutiérrez (26), native of Tezuco, widow of Tomás de Hita who, on way from Mexico City, was killed near the city of Zacatecas after Fray Franciso Farfán, had sent him for some mules of the wagon-train. This petition restates one of the year before, when marriage was delayed for lack of evidence of Hita's death. Later confirming this fact was written by Capitán Juan Paez Hurtado, with new information furnished by Padre Farfán

Witnesses: Capitán Juan Paez Hurrtado, Justicia Mayor of El Paso del Norte; Pedro Munier (25), native of Paris in France and soldier of Santa Fé, who was groom's comrade for 13 years; Santiago Grole (34), native of Rochela in France who was also groom's comrade for 13 years; Fray Francisco Farfán, now missionary at Santa Ana Pueblo, quotes letter he received at Parral from Fray Antonio de Coca, who on his way to Mexico City had learned that Tomás de Hita had been killed at a rancho near Zacatecas by a mulato, said Padre Coca requesting Padre Farfán to notify victim's wife and Capitán Pascual García. -- Letter produced by Capitán Paez Hurtado, one which he had written to Governor Vargas, his Capitán and Compadre, stating that : 1) Francisco de Ayala was shot to death during a fiesta at Villa de Jerez because of his bad character, and his wife (Angela Gonzales) should be notified. 2) Likewise notified should be the wife (Antonia Gutiérrez) of a Fulano Sánchez de Hita; she was "una vermeja" (red-head) assigned to the cart of Miguel García; while looking for some mules at a rancho near Zacatecas, Hita was stabbed by a mulato in a fit of jealousty because of the latter's wife. 3) The Rancho de las Huertas (Algodones) which belongs to his compadre Narano should be be given away by Vargas, since the man was returning to New Mexico.

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales, pp. 87-88

Juan had a relationship with María de Mascareñas, daughter of José Bernardo Mascareñas and María de Acosta. (María de Mascareñas was born about 1700 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 257 and died in Jul 1727 in Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 257.)

Juan next married María Manuela Roybal, daughter of Ygnacio Roybal y Torrado and Francisca Gomez Robledo, on 8 Aug 1719 in Río Arriba, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.248 (María Manuela Roybal was born in 1697 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248.)


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