Mateo de Sandoval y Manzanares
(Abt 1615-)
Juana de la Cruz
Blas de la Candelaria
(-Bef 1680)
Ana de Sandoval y Manzanares
(Abt 1657-1734)
Feliciano Candelaria


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Patrona Varela

Feliciano Candelaria

  • Born: 1676 or 1678, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 252,465
  • Marriage: Patrona Varela on 4 Oct 1679 in Santa Ana, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 465

bullet   Another name for Feliciano was Felix Candelaria.252

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 252
In 1716, he was 46 years old, married, and living in Alburquerque. He took part in the Moqui campaign of that same year. Feliciano (Felix or Felis) was married to Petrona Varela and had at least four children: José, born 25 Apr 1700; María born 8 Feb 1702; a second María born 4 Feb 1704; and Catalina, born 8 Mar 1708.

Felix and his brother Francisco are among the founding families of Alburquerque.

• Background Information. 465
Felix came to Santa Fe prior to 1697 with his mother Ana de Sandoval y Manzanares. He lived in Bernalillo in the early 1700s where he testified as a 25 year old witness at the marriage investigations of Mateo de Tórres to Isabel de Gonzáles, and of Luis de Chaves to Leonor Montaño.

Abotu 1699, Feliciano Candelaria married Petrona Varela (or De Avila). Her parents are no known, but she may be the 12 year old orphan named Petrona (no surname) who was living with Cristobal Varela Jaramillo and Casida de García in El Paso in 1692. She later used the De Avila name at the baptism of her son Andres Manzanares. On 1 May 1697, Cristóval Jaramillo and his family were in Santa Fé and received the following livestock and supplies from Governor de Vargas: "Cristóval Jaramillo, Casida, Geronimo, Antonia, Petrona, two orphans; 12.5 varas of lana, 10.75 of bayeta, 32 mantas, 15 sheep, 5 goats, 2 cows, 1 bull."

In Jan of 1707, Felix Candelaria complained to Fray Pedro de Mata that a soldier named Alonso García was living in his house with his sister María de la Rosa Manzanares, and that the couple had two children, but were not yet married. María Rosa and Alonso immediately consented to marry, however, when the father went to the house with the Alcalde Mayor Martin Hurtado and Don Perdro de Chabes, and found the couple sleeping together. They were again married, perhaps under more formal circumstances on 14 Jan 1707.

On 18 Apr 1716, Felix Candelaria declared himself as a 48 year old witness at the marriage investigation of Pedro Varela and Juana Gonsales.

On 13 Jul 1716, he took possession of his maternal grandfather's land in San Clemente. In the lat 1730s he sold the San Clemente inheritance to Captain Barnabe Baca who later sold it to Nicolas de Chaves in 1746.

On 30 Aug 1716, Felix passed muster, with all arms and four horses, during the review of troops assembled at San Antonio de Atrisco for the campaign against the Moqui, along with many others, including Alonzo García, Pedro Varela, Juan Maese, Bernabe Baca, and Manuel Baca.

Again in 1716, October, Felix said he was 42 years old and married when he testified at the marriage investigation of Francisco de la Cruz Cadena and Leonor Montaño.

• Children. 465
José de la Candelaria, born 1700
María de la Candelaria Baptized 8 Feb 1702
María Candelaria, born 1704
Catalina Candelaria, baptized 8 Mar 1708
Andres Manzanares, baptized 17 Sep 1709

Feliciano married Patrona Varela on 4 Oct 1679 in Santa Ana, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.


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