Pedro de Almazán
Ynez de Anaya
Francisco López
(-Bef 1626)
María de Villafuente
Francisco de Anaya Almazán
Juana López de Villafuente
(Abt 1600-)
Francisco de Anaya Almazán
(After 1626-1716)


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1. Gerónima Pérez de Bustillo de Bustillo

2. Felipa Cedillo Rico de Rojas

Francisco de Anaya Almazán

  • Born: After 1626, Santa Fé, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España
  • Marriage (1): Gerónima Pérez de Bustillo de Bustillo
  • Marriage (2): Felipa Cedillo Rico de Rojas 252
  • Died: By 1716, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 252

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Dates & Events. 252
Captain and Alcalde Mayor of the Tanos pueblos Francisco de Anaya Almazán married Gerónima Perez de Bustillos. After Gerónima's death, he married Francisca Domínguez, a sister of his brother's wife.

In 1680 he was in command of a squad which was attacked by the Santa Clara Pueblo people on August 9th or 19th. He and five soldiers escaped, and took part in the defense of Santa Fe. His wife, Francisca Domínguez, and their children had been killed by during the Pueblo Revolt. His son Francisco, "el mozo," was slain at Galisteo.

In 1681, he said he was forty-eight years old and a widower. He was described a having a medium build, protruding eyes, a thick and partly gray beard and wavy chestnut hair. When Governor Otermín tried to return to New Mexico in 1681, Francisco declared he had served His Majesty for thirty-eight years. In 1691, he was Mayordomo of the Conquistadora Confradernity. In 1693, he came back to New Mexico with his third wife.

~The Origins of New México Families, pp. 4-5

Francisco de Anaya Almazán was the only male survivor of the large Anaya Almazán family which was wiped out by the Rebellion of 1680, including his second wife and his children by his first two wives. In 1682 he had married Felipa Cedillo Rico de Rojas. Both returned with the Reconquest, being mentioned as marriage sponsors before the turn of the century. He left his name on El Morro in 1692. Old Francisco was dead by 1716, when his son by his third wife, Joaquín, married Margarita de Ortega. There was another son, Salvador; and a daughter, Juana, who was married consecutively to three men, Lucas Montaño, Juan Lorenzo de Medina, and Lucas Miguel Moya. Their Cedillo mother was married a second time, to Francisco González.

Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period, p. 285 (Kindle Locations 5379-5389)

• Census: Vargas Spanish, 22 Dec 1692-2 Jan 1693, San Lorenzo del Paso, Nuevo Méjico, Nuevo España. 287
Second household, Sargento Mayor Francisco de Anaya Almazán, alcalde ordinario de primer voto of the cabildo, married to doña Felipa Rico de Rojas, with three children, two boys and a girl, Salvador, ten; Antonio, eight; and Maríam four; on orphan girl named María, fifteen; Francisco's sister, a widow, named doña Inés de Anaya, on female dependent she has, and a son named José, twenty; and another Indian named Antonia. He states that for more than forty years, he has been serving his majesty at his own expense and on his own account, without having had an encomienda. During the general uprising that occurred in New Mexico, he was, on that occasion, on a frontier as the captain of six men he had at his command. Hearing about the uprising, he did not want to desert the frontier,having lost his wife and children on that occasion. If they do not give him aid, he cannot more his family, because he is extremely poor. At this, I, the governor and captain general, repeated to him what is of record above, according to the order and directive of the most excellent viceroy, the Conde de Galve, to which I refer.

~The Royal Crown Restored, p. 49

• Dates & Events. 471
Francisco de Anay Almazán was alcalde mayor of Pecos in 1694 to at least 1696.

~Kiva, Cross and Crown, Appendix iv

• Pueblo Revolt: 1680 Muster Roll. 481
Captain Francisco de Anaya passed muster on foot; personal arms; robbed by the enemy. They killed his wife and three [other] persons, children, relatives, and servants. Nothing was left him but that which he has on his back. Signed by Francisco de Anaya

~SW Historical QuarterlY Online, Vol. 16 No. 3

• Livestock Distribution: Diego de Vargas, 1 May 1697, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. 510
Sargento Mayor Francisco de Anaya
Felipa Cedillo
Children: Salvador, Antonio Joaquín, María José
10.5 varas of wool, 8.75 of baize, 22 mantas, 20 sheep, 2 cows, 1 bull

~Blood on the Boulders, p. 1139

Francisco married Gerónima Pérez de Bustillo de Bustillo, daughter of Hernando de Hinojos and Beatriz Pérez de Bustillo. (Gerónima Pérez de Bustillo de Bustillo died in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.)

Francisco next married Felipa Cedillo Rico de Rojas, daughter of Pedro de Cedillo Rico de Rojas Capitán and Ysabel López de García.525 (Felipa Cedillo Rico de Rojas was born about 1668 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.)

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