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Eliakim Cooley

  • Born: 8 Jan 1648 (1649), Springfield, Massachusetts 417
  • Marriage: Hannah Tibbals on 12 Mar 1678 in Springfield, Massachusetts 417,1320
  • Died: 1 Dec 1711, Springfield, Massachusetts at age 62 417
  • Buried: Springfield Cemetery. Springfield, Massachusetts

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The Cooley Genealogy, pp. 386, 387 & 388

Eliakim Cooley first appears in the town records of Springfield, according to Burt's History of Springfield, in 1662, when he sat "In yt seate in ye Gallery wch faces agt ye minister" in the meeting house. He was then 13 or 14 years old.

He received his first allotment of land in 1670, when he was 21 or 22 years old. The following references to him are found in the town records given by Burt:

December 19th 1670. Theres grannted to Eliakim Cooley 6 acr of wett medd & lowlands upon fresh water brooke below Pequitt path: lying in 2 or 3 pcells provided it be not already otherwise grannted & yt it be disposable by this Towne.

Feb 12 1671. And next to Samuell Bliss is granted to Obadiah Cooley & Eliakim Cooley, Isaak & Ephraim Colton 5 acres apeece in yt wett Medd: if there be soe much undisposed of: they to agree among ym selves how to lye.

February ye 26th 1673. Eliakim Cooley hath grannted unto him Twenty acres of low land & Swamp on the West side of the great river a little above his father's house.

Feb: 3d 1679. Haywards also were chosen: for the Long medow, Eliakim Cooley.

Feb: 1681. Here follows an account of Diverse charges made by the Committee for Mr Glovers house.... To Hen: Chapin & Eliakim Cooley at raising, oo-45-od.

Feb: ye 7th, 1680/1. fence viewers made choice off: For ye Long Meddow, Eliakim Cooley nathaniel Bliss:

Feb: 7: 1681. Eliakim Cooley desires a small piece of medow about Two or three Acres about half a mile below Jno Matthews his swamp upon consideration of a grant taken fro him at Freshwater, for which hath paid Rates 8 or 9 yeares, & now is disposed of the greatest part thereof. Granted March 13, 1681/2.

Dec. 19, 1690, Eliakim took the oath of allegiance and was a Freeman.

March 17, 1692/3. Eliakim Cooley [and others] were chosen Selectmen. [Eliakim served as selectman again in 1703, and in 1705.]

October 8th 1694. Eliakim Cooley desires the Town to grant him three or four acres of Land on the top of the hil against his fathers house, joining to the Land that was his fathers for conveniency of fencing. Granted Jan. 16, 1694/5.

March 10: 1695/6. Eliakim Cooley (and others) were chosen Tithing men. [Eliakim served as tithing man again in 1697/8.]

January ye 29th 1702/3. We the Inhabitants of Long medow in Springfeild, do make our Address to this Town of Springfeild, as followeth: ... Now for our releife we do Suppose our best way is to move out of the general feild, & build on the hil against Long medow ... Signed, Eliakim Cooley [with 12 others].

March 9th: 1702/3. Assessors for the making the Rates of the Town were chosen viz: Eliakim Cooley [and two others]. [He was chosen again in 1709/10.]

March 13th: 1704/5. Eliakim Cooley Sen?? [with three others] chosen Surveiors of the wayes &c.

Eliakim Cooley was one of the list of inhabitants of Springfield who took the oath of allegiance in 1678, the year of his marriage. On Dec. 19, 1690, he took the oath of allegiance and was a Freeman.

In 1711 a Frenchman by the name of John Mallefuild was traveling through Springfield, and a severe snowstorm made it impossible for him to keep on. He stopped at Eliakim Cooley's home. He was quite ill, and after ten days died, Nov. 26, 1711. The following references to him are found in Burt's History of Springfield:

Not much is known of his history beyond the brief reference to him in the Town Records. It appears, however, from the records of the Probate Court at Northampton, that he was a trader who came here from Boston with his goods, and that he died at the home of Eliakim Cooley, after a sickness of ten days...

Mallefuild, or Malleford, whatever his name was, made a statement as to his desire concerning the disposition of his property. John Sherman, the schoolmaster, testified: "Being at the house of Eliakim Cooley, Senr., tending of John Mallefueld, Frenchman, who being sick on his death bed, he being in his right mind, that his will & desire was that all his tenders and those that looked after him should be well satisfied & all charges & debts paid & the remainder he willed to the poor. He died November 26, 1711."

Within a month after Mallefuild's death, Eliakim Cooley, his wife, Hannahn (Tibbals) Cooley, and his sister, Bethia (Cooley) Chapin, all died. It seems quite probable that Mallefuild's illness was a contagious one. Mallefuild died Nov. 26, Eliakim Cooley died Dec. 1, Bethia (Cooley) Chapin died Dec. 9, and Hannah (Tibbals) Cooley died Dec. 16, 1711.

Eliakim married Hannah Tibbals on 12 Mar 1677/1678 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. Hannah was born 13 Mar 1656/1657 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut. She died 16 Dec 1711 in Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts and was buried in Springfield Cem., Springfield, Massachusetts.

Eliakim married Hannah Tibbals, daughter of Thomas Tibbals Sergeant and Unknown, on 12 Mar 1678 in Springfield, Massachusetts 417.,1320 (Hannah Tibbals was born 13 Mar 1657(8) in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, British American Colonies,417 died on 16 Dec 1711 in Springfield, Massachusetts 417 and was buried in Springfield Cemetery, in Springfield, Massachusetts.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Springfield, MA: Vital Records to 1850, Vol. I, p. 23
Eliakim Cooley & Hannah Tibballs were married March: 12th: 1679 1320


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