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Bernardo Hernando Fernández

  • Born: 1671, Sombrerete, Nueva España 252
  • Marriage (1): Ines González on 10 Nov 1694 in Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España
  • Marriage (2): María Antonia Martín Serrano on 19 Mar 1718 in Santa Cruz de la Cañada, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248,252
  • Died: 13 May 1752, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España at age 81 252

bullet   Other names for Bernardo were Bernardo Fernández 252 and Martín Fernández.252

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 252
Bernardino Fernández appears as early as 1705, as sponsor with María González at the wedding of Bernardino de Sena y Valle and Tomasa Martín González. He disappeared in New Spain while conducting a prisoner who also escaped, but was back two years later. In 1715 he was a soldier at Santa Fe, forty to forty-three years of age. His birthplace was Sombrerete. In 1718 he was referred to as "Martín Fernández," but signed "Bernardo." He was then living in Chimayó.

His first wife was apparently a Valerio, who could have been the mother of two individuals who married in Santa Cruz: Antonio Marcelino Valerio Fernández with Luisa Martín, June 24, 1742; and Lorenza Fernández Valerio with Manuel Gregorio Montes Vigil, April 8, 1742

His wife, the second if the first supposition is correct, was Antonia Martín, by whom he had at least four children: Isabel, born November 8, 1726; Antonio, December 26, 1728; and María, February 5, 1731.25 An older daughter, Ana María, married Cristóbal Garcia on October 6, 1740.

Bernardino died a widower at the age of eighty-seven, May 13, 1752.

~ Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period, Kindle Locations 7617-7636

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 248
7 Jul 1717, Santa Fé. Bernardo Hernando Fernández (44), soldier of Santa Fe Presidio and widowed of Ines Gonzales de Zaldívar, buried in Santa Fé church, son of Juan Fernández de Santiago Vila Gutíerrez and Melchora de los Reyes Ledesma y Angulo, natives of Sombrerete, and Gertrudis Josefa Sánchez de Oton (27), Widow of Cristobal Maese who died in December of 1716, daughter of Felipe Sánchez Altamirano and Olaya de Oton Pelegrina, deceased, both natives of New Mexico. - Witnesses: José Giltomey, notary; Lorenzo Rodrígiez (36), soldier, Ventura de Esquibel (32), José Mateo Varela (50), Geronimo de Ortega (28), soldier, Bernardo Madrid (25), soldier and married. - This Madrid brings up an impediment, saying that on his way from Las Salinas he had heard that José Antonio Fernández, son of the groom, had illicit relations with the intended bride; this was also known to María Barba who lived next to the Fernández home and just left for El Paso del Norte.

New witnesses: José Antonio Fernádez (21) son of Bernardino Fernández and Ines Gonzales, who admits relations with bride even before she became a widow, but had not declared the fact because of fear of his father. Gertrudis Sánchez Oton herself admited having had relations with Bernardino (present groom) since she became a widow last December, and also with his son José Antonio for about three months while living in their house. Here Bernardino Fernández himself claims that José is his very own son, although the latter had told that he was not. Marriage denied by the authorities, and bride consigned to the house of Capitán Diego Arias de Quiros, also be admonished to cease her wild conduct.

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales, p. 505-506

• Census: Spanish, 1750, Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. 270
Bernardino Fernandes, Spanish, age 80; his wife, Antonia Martín, age 50; 2 sons: Antonio, 15; Bisente, 9; Maria Anta, Indios, servant, 40, her 2 children: Cayetano, 10; Rosalia, 7.

Bernardo married Ines González, daughter of Juan González Bas and Nicolasa Josefa Zaldívar Jorge, on 10 Nov 1694 in Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. (Ines González was born in 1677 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España and died before 7 Jul 1717 in Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 248
4 Nov 1694, Santa Fé. Bernardino Fernandez (23), español, native of Real de Sombrerete and soldier of Santa Fé Presidio, son of Juan de Santiago and Melchora de los Reyes, and Ines Gonzales (Martín in testimony), native of Santa Fe, daughter of Juan Gonzles Bernal and Josefa de Zaldivar. - Witnesses: Ignacio Losano (29), native of Sombrerete; Pedro Hinojos (18), native of Sombrerete; Simón de Molina (44), native of Mexico City; Antonio Montoya (50), native of Santa Fé. Pair married, 10 Nov 1694, with witnesses Lt. Gen Luis Granillo and Capt. Antonio Jorge. - Impediment later brought up, 14 Nov by Ventura Apodaca, Santa Fe Presidio soldier, claiming that Ines Gonzales had promised to marry him a moth and a half before. Apodaca claimed this his marriage to her had been impeded through the questioning of a María Montaño and a Sebastiana Martín, simply because he would not enter the home where this Sebastiana lived. In her own defense, Apodaca claimed that Ines Gonzales herself had raised an immpediment; he had known her since they came to Santa Fé eleven months before; in his stead, a vecino had gone to her house to ask for her hand from her parents, accompanied by José el Cantor, called el Ciego, when her parents had agreed to think it over; then Ines Gonzales requested some stocking from him (as a sign of pledge) through that María Montaño, who was his own niece; hence he had pledged his word to Ynes about a month and a half ago, when he heard that she was to marry a Toribio Gonzales, soldier and carretero. Apodaca then summoned Ines Gonzales through Sebastian Martín and she pledged her word to him, while he gave her as a pledge a bronze crucifix, which that woman Sebastiana kept so that the relatives of Ines Gonzales would not know about it. Ines in her turn gave him a bronze ring and medal which he lost; that he had sent Ines the crucifix through a married woman named Tomasa, with whom he had slept, was completely false, since he did not know said female.

The rest of Apodaca's testimony is not clear, but he ends by saying that Ines Gonzales' folks surrendered her to groom Bernardino Fernández on night, on a bed atop the flat roof of the house. Here Sebastian Gonzales, and uncle of Ines, also tells an intricate story, admitting that Apodaca had sent Ines a tin crucifix through a lass named Tomasa, with whom Apodaca enjoyed an illicit love; she (Ines or Tomasa) had always lived alone with her grandmother Apolonia Varela. - Ines Gonzales herself testified that Sebastiana Martín was considered a demented person by all, and on two occasions had been confined as a loca at El Real de San Lorenzo; the bronze ring in question had been made by her brother, Juan Gonzales, a joyero by trade; he had made eight of them for María Montaña de Apodaca, a niece of Ventura Apodaca. - Other witnesses mentioned: José Luis Valdes and Juan Cortes, as also two aunts of Ines Gonzales, Melchora de los Reyes and Antonia Gonzales.

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales
, pp. 501-503

Bernardo married María Antonia Martín Serrano, daughter of Antonio Martín Serrano and Ana María Gómez, on 19 Mar 1718 in Santa Cruz de la Cañada, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248.,252 (María Antonia Martín Serrano was born before 1697 in Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 510 and died before 13 May 1752 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 248
4 Mar 1718, Santa Cruz. Bernardo Fernández (45), native of Sombrerete and soldier in Santa Fé, widowed of Ines Gonzales de Zaldívar, buried in the Santa Fé church, son of Juan Fernandez Vela y Gutíerrez and Melchora de los Reyes de Ledesma y Angulo, and Antonia Martín (16), daughter of Antonio Martín and Ana María Gómez, deceased. Witnesses: Don José Manuel Giltomey, notary in Santa Fé; Felipe Tamaris (30), Antonio de Abeyta (19), soldiers. Miguel de Quintana, notary in Santa Cruz; Andrés Gonzales (64), married, Juan Alonso (39), native of New Mexico, married. Pair married, 19 Mar 1718, with witnesses Martín Fernádez and María Montoya.

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales, p. 506


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