Jose María Moya
(Abt 1753-After 1833)


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Casilda Torres

José María Moya

  • Born: Abt 1753, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 247
  • Marriage: Casilda Tórres on 10 Nov 1777 in Santa Clara Pueblo, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 442
  • Died: After 1833, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Dates & Events, Jun 1819, La Joya de Sevilleta, Nuevo Méjico, Nuevo España.
In June of 1819, José María Moya petitioned and received part of the La Joya de Sevilleta Land Grant.

From Antoinette Duran Silva

"In 1800 families began moving to La Joya de Sevilleta from other locations in New Mexico. Some came from nearby towns in the Rio Abajo. Others traveled from Santa Fe; Plaza Dolores de Chimayo in the area of Santa Cruz de la Cañada; and Chama. Many came with friends and relatives. Through marriages of their children and grandchildren and baptisms, they became compadres.

"This migration reopened the area south of Sabinal to settlement. Although the danger from Apache raids was still evident and several early settlers were killed, the colony survived.

"On 4 June 1819, all the residents and inhabitants of La Joya de Sevilleta were assembled and the boundaries of this grant were established as follows: on the North the boundary of Sabinal, on the South, the Alamillo Arroyo, on the opposite side the arroyo called San Lorrenzo creek, on the East, a mountain in front of the said town and on the West, the Ladrones mountains."

Grantees and their wives were:

•Antonio Josef Apodaca & Margarita Lobato
•Felipe Apodaca & María Antonia Maeze
•Josef Antonio Apodaca & Vicenta García
•Tomás Aragón & María Gregoria Chaves
•Jose Aragón & María Reyes Trujillo
•Salvador Armijo married to 1st Juana Maria Silva (a.k.a. Chaves), 2nd Ana María Baca and 3rd María Soldedad Apodaca
•Bernardo Benavides & Rosa Espinosa
•Clemente Benavides & María Guadalupe Gallegos
•Diego Benavides & Manuela Antonia Silva
•Manuel Benavides
•Santiago Candalaria & Maria Dolores Trujillo
•Bartolome Chávez & María Dolores Valverde
•Dionicio Chaves & Maria Rosa Trujillo
•Francisco Chaves & Maria Olaya Trujillo
•Manuela Chaves
•Juan Luis Carrillo & Maria Concepción Abeita
•Felipe Cordoba & Loretta Garvizu
•José Carlos Gabaldon & Teresa Ysidora Serna
•Felipe Nerio Gallegos & Juana Juliana Maldonado
•Antonio José García
•Juan García
•Andres Gonzales & Catalina Archiveque
•Juan Gutierres
•Jose Manuel de Herrera & Maria de Jesus Martín
•Baltazar Lobato & Josefa Tenorio
•Juan Luis López & Gertrudis Tenorio Martínez
•Juana Paula López
•Felipe Lucero & Guadalupe García
•Gregorio Lucero & Josefa Chaves
•Salvador Lucero
•Santiago Lucero & María Dolores Montoya
•Francisca Macias (a.k.a. Mexia; she was probably the wife of Felipe Luera, a soldier stationed at La Joya
•Juan Domingo Maes & Maria Margarita Chaves
•Salvador Maes
•Miguel Márquez & Maria Francisca Zisneros
•Eubaldo Martínez
•Pablo Martínez
•Andres Mascareñas & Maria Rosa Romero
•Diego Mascareñas & Paula Candelaria. (Note: Several children of Bernardo Mascareñas and Juliana Córdova moved to La Joya. Juliana Córdova also moved with her second husband Juan Antonio Bernal)
•Ramón Montaño (Ramón Maldonado)María Ysabel Marques
•Guadalupe Montoya
•José Guadalupe Montoya & María Andrea Lucero
•Juan Montoya & María Dorothea García
José María Moya & Casilda Torres
•Juan Francisco Muñiz & Antonia Montoya
•Josefa Otero
•Domingo Peralta married 1st Juana María Barela and 2nd María Angel Herrera
•Juan Isidro Romero & Juana Tapia
•Manuel Romero & Vitalia Chaves
•Juan Sais & Antonia Apodaca
•Manuel Sais & Maria Antonia Benavides
•José Lorenzo Sánchez
•Juana Sánchez
•Bernardo Sisneros & María Encarnación
•Francisco Sisneros & María Dolores
•José Francisco Sisneros
•Juan Christóbal Sisneros (m. Maria Antonia Martíin
•Francisco Tafolla & Maria Mariana Rael
•Lorenzo de la Torre
•? Torres
•Visente Torres & likely Manuela Antonia Maldonado
•Jacinto Trujeque & Maria Juliana Bernal
•Antonio Trujillo
•Bernardo Trujillo & Maria Francisca Zamora
•Juan Cruz Trujillo
•Juan José Trujillo
•Miguel Ulibarri (a.k.a Ruibalid) married to 1st Maria Gertrudes Silva, and 2nd Juana Fajardo, widow of Salvador Lucero
•Antonio Zamora & Maria Beatriz Martín
•Miguel Zamora & Maria de la Luz Torres

• Census: Mexican, 1833, La Joya, Valencia, Nuevo México, Republica de México. 256
He was listed as widowed and 80 years old.

• Web Reference: History of Abiquiu and its peoples, including Genizaros in the 1700s from Southwest Crossroads.

• Possible Ancestry: 247
According to The Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico, there were several Moya family members who likely relocated from Santa Fé to the Abiquiu jurisdiction in the later decades of the 1778's. José María Moya and Casilda Tórres had two know children baptized in Abiquiu. These were José Francisco Moya baptized on 6 Oct 1778, and Juan Cristóbal Moya, baptized on 7 Aug 1780. This family appear to member of the Moreno-Mora family, but where they fit into the family is unclear.
The Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico, pgs. 275-282

Possible Genealogy:

1. Bartolomé de Huertas & Catalina de Moya, residents of Sevilla, Spain

2. Bartolomé de Moya, a carpenter by trade, born around 1559, Sevilla, Spain married to Juana Rodríguez (died before 1614) daughter of Juan Sanguas and Elvira Rodrígues. Bartolome de Moya and Juana Rodriguez travel to the Americas in May of 1600 with their eight children. They settle in Puebla de los Angles, Nueva España.

3. Marcos de Moya, native of Sevilla, marries María de Toro, native of Sevilla and daughter of Cristóbal de Quesada and Juana Pérez (deceased at the time), on 27 Jan 1614, Catedral de Puebla. They move to Mexico City, and had a third child.

4. Antonio de Moya, native of Mexico City married Magdalena de Rivera, native of Mexico City and daughter of Francisco Martín and Luisa de Rivera, on 27 Oct 1641, Catedral de Méjico.

5. María de Moya, native of Mexico City, married Juan Moreno, native of San Cristóbal de la Havana, Cuba, Nuevo España & son of Agustín Moreno and Justa Hernández.

6. Antonio de Moya, baptized 31 Jul 1670, Catedral de Méjico, married 26 Aug 1691, Catedral de Méjico to Antonia Morales de Guijos, orphan, native of Mexico City.

7. Unknown & Native American Woman

8. José María Moya Married to Casilda Torres

Jose married Casilda Torres, daughter of Francisco Torres and Gertrudes, on 10 Nov 1777 in Santa Clara Pueblo, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.442 (Casilda Torres was born in 1760 in Chama, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 441 and was christened on 16 Apr 1760 in Santa Clara Pueblo, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 441.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Marriage Record: 442
José Moya on 10 Nov 1777 married to Casilda Tores, coyotes. Witnesses: Marcelino Lucero & Pedro Moya. Chama.
Santa Clara Marriages, p. 70

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