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Patrick de Cadurcis
(Abt 1052-1133)
Maud de Hesdin
(Abt 1057-)
Payne Montdoubleau
Patrick de Chaworth
(-Bef 1155)
Wilburgad de Montdoubleau
Payne de Montdoubleau


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Payne de Montdoubleau

  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: 1170, British Isles 721

bullet   Other names for Payne were Pagan de Cadurcis, Payne de Chaworth and Payne de Mundebleil.

bullet  General Notes:

~The Visitation of the County of Nottingham, 1569 & 1614, "Chaworth Pedigree," pp. 123-124, omits this generation, while The Medieval English Ancestors of Robert Abell includes it.
721, 987

bullet  Information about this person:

• Background Information. 721
According to Boyer, Payne took his mother's name Mundebleil, and he died in 1170. In 1165, scutage was due of forty knight's fee. He only paid part of the payment, and the debt was charged against he property to Patrick, Earl of Salisbury and Geoffrey de Vere in 1167. Payne regained his estates in 1168.

~Boyer's Medieval English ancestors of Robert Abell, pg. 54

• Background Information. 512
Pagan de Montdoubleau was the father of Patrick de Caduricis (Chaurcis or the English form, Chaworth), and a foreign favorite of William Rufus, the son of William the Conqueror. Pagan had taken the title of Montdoubleau from his family's origina castle in France.

• Background Information. 986
Ernulf de Hesding held a Domesday fief, which had been divided between three principal and nearly equal participants. The portion of the estate is treated in the Liber Niger immediately after the Barony of Pagan de Mondublel, and is entitled "De eodem tenemento divisio," that is, a section of the same original Domes fief as that which Pagan de Mondublel held 12 five-sixths fee. This fief was part of the same holding as that of which "Patrick de Chaurcis," the grandfather of Pagan de Mondublel, ehld another part on the day of Henry I died (1 Dec 1135) [Liber Niger, I p. 171]

• Background Information. 535
Payne de Chaworth, who in 2 Henry III, being at that time one of the barons marchers, became surety for Isabel de Mortimer that she should come to the King's exchequer on the octaves of St. Michael to satisfy for such debts as she owed to the late King John. Payne de Chaworth married Gundred, daughter and heir of William de la Ferte. William de la Ferte was the heir Margaret de la Ferte, second daughter and co-heir of William de Briwere, a great fuedal lord who died in 1266. Payne de Chaworth and Gundred were the parents to Patrick de Chaworth.

~ A Genealogical history of the Dormant. Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire, 1866 Edition, p. 111

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