Masser Aguillon
(Abt 1110-)


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Masser Aguillon

  • Born: Abt 1110, Tiron, Eure-et-Loir
  • Marriage: Unknown

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• From Gen-Medieval Archives: The Aguillon and the Ecstasy . 193
From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: The Aguillon and the Ecstasy
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 00:01:31 +0100

The common ancestor is
Witnessed a grant of William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl fo Arundel, to Boxgrave Priory (Mon. Ang. I 592b, no 30). Gave 13a land in Breteuil to the Abbey of St Andre en Gouffern (Mem de la Soc des Antiq de Norm 2 ser i 435) (cartul no 223). Still living 1156 (Rot Pip 2 H 2 Sussex).

The senior line, to the younger Robert Aguillon, runs as follows:
WILLIAM, son and heir.
Confirmed his father's gift to the Abbey of St Andre en Gouffern. Held three and a half fees in Suffolk of the Honour of Clare, 1166 (Lib. Rub. Scacc. fo.116d).

MANASSER, son and heir.
Confirmed his father's gift to the Abbey of St Andre en Gouffern. Married Constance, dau of Robert de Stane. Died in or before 1194, when Godfrey de St Martin gave £100 to marry his widow (Rot Pip 6 Ric I Wilts). The same year, she was in custody of William Aguillon at Burgham, and forcibly abducted from thence by Philip de Stane (Rot Cur Reg I p.74).

WILLIAM, son and heir.
Born before 1183. had a grant of Emsworth and Warblington, Hants, formerly belonging to Robert de Curcy, 15 Nov 1204 (Cl 6 John m.13). This was confirmed to him by Henry III, 30 June 1231 (cart 15 Hen 3, m.7). Joined the Barons against John, but made peace with Henry III, and his lands in Oxon, Hants, Norfolk and London were restored to him 17 Sept 1217 (Cl 1 H 3 m.10). Was engaged in a dispute with Ralph de Clere concerning the manor of Greatham, hants, 17 Nov 1219 (Rot Fin 3 H 3 m.2).
Married, before 5 Oct 1212 (when they had seisin of her dower) Joan, wid of Ralph le Parmentier, and dau and coheir of Peter Fitz Henry (son of Henry Fitz Ailwyn, Mayor of London) by Isabel his wife, dau and heir of Bartholomwe de Cheney (Cl 14 Joh m.21). With her he acquired the manors of Watton, Herts, Perching and Folking, Sussex, and Addington, Surrey. He d shortly before 3 Oct 1244, when his s and h did homage and had livery (Rot Fin 28 H 3 m.2).
ROBERT, son and heir
Of Greatham, Hants, Watton, Herts, Perching and Folking, Sussex, and Addington, Surrey [further details of his career are given, 1248-1282; for details of marriages, see separate message]
He died 15 Feb 1286 (Esch 14 E I m.16). His wid d shortly before 14 May 1292 (Esch 20 E I no 20).

The junior line, to the elder Robert Aguillon, runs as follows:
MANASSER, 2nd son
(Recherches sur le Doomsday par Lechaude d'Anisy i p.151).
Succeeded to Marden and Nutbourne, Sussex, and held 2 fees in Sussex of the Earl of Arundel, 1166 (Lib. Rub. Scacc. fo.85). Living 1172, when he was certified to be holding 1 fee in Normandy by serjeanty of finding ward for the town of Falaise (Lib. Rub. Scacc. fo.161).

RICHARD, 3rd son
(Cart 11 H 3, p.1, m.8)
Witness to a charter of William, Earl of Arundel, to Boxgrave, temp Henry II (Mon Ang i 593a n 10).
Married Ela de Frivill, with whom he gave land in Congham to the Priory of Castle Acre, Norfolk (Reg de Castle Acre fo 32).
Living 10 June 1201 when with his son he witnessed the settlement of a dispute between William Earl Warren and the Abbot of Cluny (Cal Docs France i no 1403).

ROBERT, son and heir
[details of his career from 1203 to 1232 are given. Paget says this is the elder John, but as I said before, I wonder whether there may really be two Roberts in succession here.]

Anyhow, that's what Paget says. A lot of it is quite detailed, but it's not always obvious how the relationships could be proved from the sort of evidence that's cited. So maybe we should bear in mind the note of caution Todd Farmerie sounded before. Checking the chain link by link would be a fairly lengthy task...

Chris Phillips

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