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Michael Picot

  • Born: Doddington-Pigot, Lincolnshire, England
  • Marriage: Joan Wake after Jan 1267 1200
  • Died: Bef 12 Nov 1278, England

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From: John Watson <>
Subject: Michael Picot of Doddington, Lincolnshire
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 15:06:21 -0700 (PDT)

The parentage of Michael Picot of Doddington, (aka Doddington-Pigot) Lincolnshire who married Joan Wake, heiress of one-ninth of the barony of Beauchamp of Bedford is apparently unknown, at least in all of the works I have consulted.

I recently came across an interesting "snippet" on Google books which gives the name of his father:
"Ela Wake was succeeded by three daughters, (i) Joan, who married first Michael son of Robert Pycot, whence Baldwin Pycot, whence the said John Pycot, and second Ralph Paynel, whose surname she afterwards used..." Calendar of Memoranda Rolls (Exchequer): Michaelmas 1326-Michaelmas 1327 (HMSO: 1968) p. 166

Apparently Michael Picot was the son of Robert Picot, although exactly who this Robert was is difficult to determine. He could possibly be the son of the Sir John Picot who presented Hugh Picot to the church of Doddington on 4 February 1273 [1]. A John son of Hugh Pygot occurs in a final concord in Lincolnshire in 1246 [2]. Earlier presentations to Doddington were made in 1222 and 1229 by Sir Hugh Picot [3]. Between 1191 and 1200, William Postard, Abbot of Westminster, granted the manor of Doddington, in fee and inheritance, to "his knight William Picot" [4]. William Picot was disputing the advowsons of the churches of Doddington and Thorp [on the Hill] with the next Abbot of Westminster in 1205 [5], a case which he obviously won.

Coming back to Michael Picot. He married Joan Wake some time after January 1267, when on the partition of the lands of John de Beauchamp between his heirs, Joan, Ida and Isabel (Elizabeth) daughters of Ela Wake are mentioned in the Close Rolls, but who were all apparently unmarried [6]. He had married Joan before 1275 when the inquisition post mortem of Hugh Gobion found that Hugh died holding Higham Gobion and Streatley in Bedfordshire (both Beauchamp manors) of Michael Pikot [7]. Michael was dead before 12 November 1278 when "Joan, late the wife of Michael Pycot" is mentioned in the Close Rolls [8]. She afterwards married Ralph Paynel who died shortly before 14 March 1318 holding the manor of Cardington, Bedfordshire "by the courtesy of England of the inheritance of Joan sometime his wife" [9].

Michael and Joan had three children, Baldwin (named after his maternal grandfather) and John (named after his paternal grandfather?) and a daughter Lora who married Gerard Braybrook (d. ca 1326). Baldwin was alive in 1303 when he is mentioned in the Patent Rolls in connection with the manor of Doddington [10] and possibly in 1305 when Baldwin Pygod of the county of Lincoln appears in the Fine Rolls [11]. Baldwin was succeeded by his son John who was born about 1290 (aged 24 at the i.p.m of his great aunt Elizabeth Wake in 1314 [12] and 27 at the i.p.m. of Ralph Paynel in 1318). John, son of Baldwin Picot died shortly before 24 March 1337, holding Doddington and Thorpe, Lincolnshire and Cardington, Bedfordshire and leaving a son John, aged 23 as his heir [13]. In 1315, John son of Baldwin Picot had demised the manor of Renhold, Bedfordshire to his uncle John [14].

All of these relationships are shown in the foundation charter of a chantry in Renhold by John, son of Michael Picot in which many of his relatives (dead and alive) are mentioned [I have expanded the abbreviated text a bit]:

4 April 1336, Ordination of a Chantry by John Pycot, son of Michael Pycot, Kt., for the souls of King Edward, the said John and Michael his father, and Johan his mother, Baldwyn his brother, Johan his (founder's) wife, John Pycot his nephew (nepos), and Alianor his wife, Johan daughter of John Pycot and Matilda his wife, Sir John Wake, and John his son, Sir Thomas Wake, Elizabeth Wake, Elizabeth Latymer, William de Kyme, H. Picot, Isabella de Staunton, Lora de Braibrok, John Paynel de Gobion, Robert de Braibrok, Ralph Picot, John son of Adam Picot, John de Crungleford, of Southgevel, and William, late Vicar of Ronhall [15].

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Michael married Joan Wake, daughter of Baldwin Wake and Ela de Beauchamp, after Jan 1267.1200 (Joan Wake was born about 1255 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England and died about 1318 in England 1200.)

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