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Roger Corbet

  • Born: Pays de Caux, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: 1122, Caus Castle, Westbury, Shropshire, England

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~ Eyton's Antiquities of Shropshire, Vol. VII,, p. 40 (Corbet of Caus pedigree chart), Eyton has Roger fitz Corbet of Caus, occuring 1086-1121, and his brother, Robert fitz Corbet of Alcester and Longden, as the sons of Corbet of Caus, the Norman, living 1071-1080 733

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• Background Information. 722
Roger Fitz Corbet, Domesday Baron of Caus, formerly Alretone in shropshire, as it was called in Domesday, was born about 1050-1056, and died about 1134, as Pagan Fitz John, sheriff and governor of Shropshire, having succeeded Richard de Belmeis, held Caus in 1134, and would have dared to take it during Roger's lifetime.

Roger married the heiress of Tasley [Horrest, Trans. Shrop. Arch Soc., 4th ser., VII, 1918-1919 p.155]. He witnessed a charter of Roger de Montgomery to Shrewsbury Abbey by 1086 [Eyton, 7:9]. He support Earl Robert de Bellême by defending Brug Castle until forced to surrender it to King Henry I. Roger and his brother Robert attested to the king's confirmation to Shrewsbury Abbey in 1121.
His children were:
William, mentioned in 1136
Everand, no issue, mentioned 1136-1155
Simón, no issue, mentioned 1136-1155
Roger, died 1175, Lord of Tasley, had issue
Robert, the founder of the Corbet branch in Scotland

~Boyer's Medieval English Ancestors of Certain Americans, p. 60-61

• Web Reference: The Anglo-Norman Corbets from The Corbett Study Group.
It might be better to think of Roger fitz Corbet as baron or lord of Worthen, which supported four of his militis; Alretune was also important, supporting five milities - its is now identified as Trewern in Montgomeryshire. [VCH Salop viii, p.303] Roger's son, and probable heir, William was called William of Wattlesborough in a lineage recorded in a sixteenth century court book of Moreton Corbet. [Shropshire Record Office, Acton Reynald Collection: 322 Box 2]

Roger and Robert were said by Le Carpentier to be the second and fourth sons of Corbet. Surviving documents refer to Corbet and to Roger and Robert as sons of Corbet.) They must have been young men when they were brought to Shropshire to serve Earl Roger Montgomery; they were still alive fifty years later. We do not know whom they married, nor when, nor the dates of birth of their children. This is not surprising for most of the evidence comes from witness-lists to charters. We can with safety assume that they, especially Roger, were leading followers of the earl. Roger was one of the witnesses to the charter to the earl's church of Quatford on 22 July 1086, when the bishops of Worcester, Hereford and Chester were also present. [Eyton, Shropshire i, pp. 109-111]

Hugh Montgomery succeeded as earl on his father's death in July 1094. Earl Roger Montgomery was buried in Shrewsbury Abbey, on which occasion Roger fitz Corbet's grant of the church of Wentnor and the tithes of Yockleton was made. [Rees, Cartulary, p.39] Earl Hugh's charter of liberties (cartulary no.4) was witnessed by Roger 'Corbeth' and his brother Robert. [White, op.cit.]

• Background Information. 733
A charter of King Henry I's Confirmation to Shrewsbury Abbey dated around May 1121, and both Roger and his brother Robert attested it it formally. It reads "Ego Rogerius filius Corbet subscripsi. Ego Robertus frater ejus sub scipsi." Between 1121 and 1136, Roger Corbet gave the vill of Winsley to the Abbey of St. Peter. This charter was attested to by his brother Robert. In King Stephen's Charter, confirming, 1136, Roger Corbet's grant of Wnelega to Shrewsbury Abbey, there is a passage that says that Roger's act was with the concession of his sons William and Evrard. Roger Fitz corbet died in 1121, and was succeed by his son, William.

~ Shropshire: Its Early History & Antiquities. pp. 352-353

• Children. 1098

William's father, Roger Corbet, died sometime before the granting of King Stephen's charter to Shrewbury Abbey in 1136. In this charter, Stephen confirms Roger's gift of Winsley to the Abbey. The charter also adds that Roger's donation is conformed by his sons William and Evrard. [Monasticon Anglicanumm 3:519a]

In another charter, "Everard Corbeth" granted the Shropshire manor of Edderton to Haughmond Abbey with consent of "Simon Corbeth." In a second charter, Henry II confirmed Roger Corbet's donations to Shrewsbury Abbey and the grand of Evrard and Simon, his son ("Ebrardi et Simonis filii eius").

~ Barons of the Welsh Frontier: The Corbut, Pantulf, and Fitz Warin Families, 1066-1272, p. 6

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