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Merfyn "Frych" ap Gwriad
(Abt 787-838)
Nest verch Cadell
(Bef 808-)
Meurig ap Dyfnwalon King of Seisylwg
Rhodri "Mawr" ap Merfyn
Anghard verch Merig of Seisyllwg
Anarawd ap Rhodri King of Gwynedd


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Anarawd ap Rhodri King of Gwynedd

bullet  General Notes:

~ Brut y Tywysogion
p. 17, "893. An then two years after that, Anarawd came to devastate Ceredigion and Vale of Tywi."
p. 21, "913, And Anarawd, son of Rhodri, King of the Britons, died."
p. xvii, footnote (2), "Anarawd was the eldest son of Rhodri the Great, and grandson of Mervyn the Freckled. He is said to have succeeded to the principality of Gwynedd, or North Wales, about A.D. 877." 1095

bullet  Information about this person:

• Background Information. 1091
Anarawd ap Rhodri Mawr, king of Gwynedd from 878-016, was the most powerful of the Kings in Wales at the time of his reign. He was the son of Rhodri Mawr. He formed an alliance in the 880s with Guthrith, the Viking King of York, against Alfred of Wessex. Anarawd broke this alliance and formally submitted to Alfred by the 890s.

~Celtic Culture, p. 51

• Background Information. 1096
Anarawd, son of Rhodri Mawr and Angharad of Ceredigion, succeeded his father as the ruler of Gwynedd. His son Idwal Foel succeeded Anarawd, and Idwal's son Iago followed.

~ Medieval Wales, p. 5

• Background Information. 1013
The ancestry of Anarawd ap Rhodri given by Charles Cawley is:

Beli, King of Gwynedd
Iago ap Beli, d. 616
Cadfan ap Iago, d. 625, King of Gwynedd
Cadwallon ap Cadfan, d. 633, King of Gwynedd
Cadwallon ap Cadwallon, d. 664, "Fendigard," King of Gwynedd
Idwal ap Cadwaladr, King of Gwynedd
Rhodri ap Idwal "Molwynog," d. 754, King of Gwynedd
Cynan ap Rhodri Dindaethwy, King of Gwynedd.
Ethyll verch Cynan of Gwynedd married to Gwriad
Merfyn ap Gwriad "Frych", d. 844, married Nest of Powys, daughter of Cadell ap Bochwell

Rhodri ap Merfyn married to Anghard of Seisyllwg, daughter of Meurig ap Dyfnwallon, King of Seisyllwg.
Anarawd ap Rhodri

• Pedigree:

. 1096

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