Cynan ap Rhodri
Gwriad King of Gwynedd Manx chieftain
Essylt verch Cynan
Merfyn "Frych" ap Gwriad
(Abt 787-838)


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Nest verch Cadell

Merfyn "Frych" ap Gwriad

  • Born: Abt 787, Gwynedd, Wales
  • Marriage: Nest verch Cadell 926,1095,1096,1097
  • Died: 838, Battle of Cyfeiliog about age 51 926

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• Background Information. 926
In 838, the battle of Cyfeiliog was fought between Merfyn Frych and Berthrwyd, King of Mercias. In this battle, Merfyn was slain. Merfyn was the father of Roderick "the Great."

~History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher, and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fadog, Vol. I, p. 64

• Background Information. 1013
The ancestry of Merfyn ap Gwriad "Frych" given by Charles Cawley is:

Beli, King of Gwynedd
Iago ap Beli, d. 616
Cadfan ap Iago, d. 625, King of Gwynedd
Cadwallon ap Cadfan, d. 633, King of Gwynedd
Cadwallon ap Cadwallon, d. 664, "Fendigard," King of Gwynedd
Idwal ap Cadwaladr, King of Gwynedd
Rhodri ap Idwal "Molwynog," d. 754, King of Gwynedd
Cynan ap Rhodri Dindaethwy, King of Gwynedd.
Ethyll verch Cynan of Gwynedd married to Gwriad
Merfyn ap Gwriad "Frych", d. 844, married Nest of Powys, daughter of Cadell ap Bochwell

• Background Information. 1096
Merfyn Frych, son of Gwriad and Esylit, daughter of Cyan ap Rhodri, became ruler of Gwynedd by the right of his mother sometime between 816-825. He married Nest, sister of Cyngen, the last his line to be a king of Powys. By this marriage, Merfyn gained control of Powys. His son, Rhodri Mawr (the Great), inherited both kingdoms.

~ Medieval Wales, p. 4

• Background Information. 1097
Merfyn Frych is credited with reinvigorating the culture of Gwynedd. Merfyn Frych, his son Rhodri Mawr, his grandson Anarawd and his great-grandson, Hywel Dda, were successful in keeping out the Norsemen who had established kingdoms in other areas of England.

Merfyn came from the Isle of Man. His father Gwriad married Esyllt, daughter of Cynan ap Rhodri Molwynog of the family of Maelgwn Gwynedd and Cunedda. Cynan's brother, Hywel ap Rhodri, died and Merfyn, by the right of his mother, became the king of Anglesey. Merfyn married Nest, the sister of Cyngen, the king of Powys. Their son, Rhodri Mawr, united the two countries of Gwynedd and Powys.

~ Land of My Fathers, pp. 133-135

• Background Information. 1092
Merfyn Frych was descended from Llywarch Hên, and his father Gwriad had married a daughter of Cynan ap Rhodri. This gave him hereditary claim to the crown of Gwynedd, which he took on the death of Hywel ap Rhodri Molynog in 825. Merfyn married Nest, daughter of Cadel ap Brochwel, which build an alliance with himself and the royal house of Powys. He maintained his power against all his rivals and the Danes, and died in 844. He was succeeded by his son Rhodri "the Great."

~ A History of Wales, Vol. I, p. 323-324

Merfyn married Nest verch Cadell, daughter of Cadell ap Brocmayl King of Powys and Unknown 926,1092,1096.,1097 (Nest verch Cadell was born before 808 in Powys, Wales.)

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