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Galfrid d'Aumarle

  • Marriage: Alice de Carbonel

bullet   Other names for Galfrid are Galfrid de Alba Mara, Galfrid de Albamarle, Galfrid d'Albemarle and Galfrid Damarell.

bullet  General Notes:

William Pole's, Collections Towards a Description of the County of Devon, & Report and Transactions - The Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, Volume 37 have a descrepency in the order and placement of this line. (See Below) I chose to follow Report and Transactions because they supplied sources and dates while William Pole did not.

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 1334
"[1188] Reginald de Alba Mara holds 1 fee in Wodebrye (Woodbury) of our lord the King in chief.
"This is Wodeberie [W. 68, p.44], an earl's land, 3190 acres, £23 value, held by the King in Domesday and afore time by Githa. Henry I gave it to Roger de Mandervil, castellan of Exeter [Testa, 1343, p. 194a], whose son William conveyed it to William Carbonel. Carbonel's heiress, Alice held it in 1174 [Pipe Rolls, 21 Hen. II), and brought it to Reginald de Albemarle, alias Daumarle, or Damerell [Trans. xxxiii, 290], who in 1189 "acounted for £144 4s 11d for recognition of Wodnesbiri" [Pipe Rolls, 1 Ric. I]. In 1200 [Trans. xxxiii. p. 369], in 1221 and up to 1226 (in which year William Briwer died) Galfrid de Albemarle held it [Hundred Rolls, 11]; after him Reginald de Albemarle in the time of Robert de Hoehesham (who died in 1255); and in 1274 [Hundred Rolls 11] and 1285 [Feudal Aids, p. 325] William de Albemarle until 1288 [A.-D. Inq. 17 Ed. I No. 22, p. 99(471); in 1303 Galfrid Daumarl [Feudal Aids, p. 364] until 1320 [A.-D. Inq. 14 Edw. II. No. 33, p. 296(1295)];in 1346 William Daumarle [Feudal Aids, pp. 426, 436] until 1362 [A.-D. Inq. 36 Ed. III. No.5, p.246(2300)]; in 1373, Margaret, wife of William Bonevile and heiress of Galfrid de Albamarlia (A.-D. Inq. 47 Ed. III. No. 66, p. 331 (2545)]; in 1428 William Bonvyll [Feudal Aids, p.488]."

~Report and Transactions - The Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, Volume 35, pp. 288-289

• Background Information. 1333
[1343] Galfrid de Alba Mara hold the manor of W'debir' [Woodbury, Testa, 1475, 1505, Trans. XXXIII, 620, W. 68] with appurtenances in chief of our lord the King [Testa, 358, p. 179a; Trans. XXX, 224 & XXXV, 288] by gift of King Henry I to his ancestors by the same service. (Pole, p. 155 states that the gift was to William de Mandevil, castellan of Exeter, whose son William gave it to William Carbunel. In 1177, Alice daughter of William Carbunel, held it [Pipe Rolls, 23 Hen. II] and brought it to her husband Reginald de Albemarle [Trans. XXXV, 288] who in 1182 "owed £53. 10/ for acknowledgment of Wubeberia, and Aelizia his wife daughter of William Carbunell owed £ 30. 13/for having seizing of that land" [Pipe Rolls, 28 Hen. II.])

~Report and Transactions - The Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, Volume 37, p. 414

• Background Information. 1209
"Woodbiry. This mannor did Kinnge Henry I give unto Roger de Maunsdevilla, castellan of his castell of Exceter. Stephan de Maunsdevilla his sonne, Wth ye licens of Kinge Henry II, granted the same unto Willam Carbonell, and Roger de Maunsdevill confirmed the grant of Stephan his father unto William, sonne of the said Willam Carbonell. Mabill, ye daughter of Carbonell, maried first unto Galfride de Albamarlea, & secondly, unto Will'm, the sonne of Richard Lo. of Levenston; Galfride de Albamarlea had issue Reginald, wch had issue Galfride de Albamarlea, Knt., wch had issue Sir William, wch had issue Sir Galfride, wch had issue Sr William, weh had issue Sir William Damarell, Knt, weh died anno 36 of Kinge Edw. II, leaving issue William, who died wthout issue, & wthin his full age; Marg'et, wief of Sr Willam Bonvill, of Shute, Knt., & Elisabeth, wief of John Matravers, of Melbiry, in Dorsetshire."

Pole's Collections Towards a Description of the County of Devon, p. 156

" Anastacius, the sonne of Benedict Fitz Jordan, granted the manor of Woodford of unto John Fitz Robert, which conveyed the same unto Geoffrey de Albamara, and gave it in marriage unto Sir Hugh de Bolhay, with Muriell his daughter, and Sir Reginald de Albamara, sonne of Galride, granted the demaisnes of the said mannor of Woodford unto Sir Hamelyn de Bolhay, his nephew, which died anno 50 Kinge Henry 3, & it descended unto James de Bolhay his son, who had issue Amicia, wief of John Cobham, a younger sonne of Cobham, of Kent."

Pole's Collections Towards a Description of the County of Devon, p. 330

• Web Reference: Early History of Lymstone in Devon.

Galfrid married Alice de Carbonel, daughter of William Carbonel and Unknown. (Alice de Carbonel died after 1174 in Woodbury, Devonshire, England.)

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