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Robert de Carminowe
(-After 1263)
Gervaise de Hornacote
Roger de Carminowe
(-After 1284)
Sarah de Hornacote
Roger de Carminowe


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Roger de Carminowe

  • Marriage: Joanna 1171,1353
  • Died: 1308, Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland, England 1353

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 1353
"Without doubt the family of Carminow was one of the most ancient in Cornwall, and they are creditied with having resided in Mawgan-in-Menage, near Helston, before the Conquest. Their name is not mentioned in Domesday. The late Mr. J. Jope Rogers, of Penrose, contributed two valuable papers to the transactions of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, relating to the eldest branch of this family, to which I am much indebted. He states that in Mawgan-in-Menage Church, which was entirely rebuilt in 1865, is a transept which has always been called the Carminow aisle. The south wall contained a low-arched recess, which had long sheltered a cross-legged effigy of a knight, carved in freestone, much defaced by time, but bearing on the shield distinct traces of the simple armorial bearings of the Carminows; viz., azure, a bend or. A female effigy of the same stone, but rather more mutilated, and reported to represent the knight's lady, lay on the ledge of the wall, near his. In the stone coffin beneath was found the skeleton of a man laid out as in burial. I may here remark that in an alteration of the chancel of Brougham Church, Westmoreland, in 1846, the coffin of an ancient member of the Brougham family was unvocered, whose tomb had always been called the "Crusader's," when it was found that the body had been interred with the legs crossed, as is generally represented on Crusaders' tombs, in memory, as Stowe says, of the oath they had performed of fighting for the cross.

The tomb at Mawgan-in-Menage is that of Sir Roger Carminow, the most distinguished member of his family. He was the grandson of Robert Carminow, of whom the first regular record is traceable in Col. Vivian and Dr. Drake's Cornish pedigrees. The surname of his wife, whose figure lies beside his, is lost; but her Christian name was Joanna, which seemed afterwards to have become a favourite one in this family. Sir Roger's sister Maud married Sir Robert Heligan of Heligan, a family long ago extinct; and their son married Margaret, daughter of Sir William De Dunstanville, of Tehidy, whose race has long been extinguished in the male line. Sir Roger, who died in 1308, must have been comparatively a young man when he joined Prince Edward (immediately afterwards King Edward I) at the last Crusade, in 1270-72. He is stated to have held a knight's fee of £20 per annum in 1294, and five years later he was taxed for his part of Winnianton, Merthyr, and Tamerton manors; and again in 1303 for the same lands on the marriage of the eldest daughter of Edward I, Joan of Acre, who was born in Palestine in 1272, and who married her second husband Ralph De Monthermer in this year. On the death of Sir Roger the king received the homage of his son and heir Sir Oliver."

Extinct Cornish Families, Part II

• Background Information. 1171
Roger de Carmynowe, brother and heir of John, held two knight's fee in Trelowytn and Eglosros. His name appears in the Inq.p.m. for John Dynham, 29 Edw. I, No. 56. It again appears in the records with Roger de Carmynow v. Peter de Lancuck 30 Edw. I, respecting lands in the East and West Dysart. Sarra de Hornyacote, mother of Roger de Carmynowe is named in the Assize Roll 30 Edw. I. Called to reply to the King for his Manor of Wynynton, Roger de Carminow said that Rich. formerly Earl of Cornwall gave to a certain Gervaise de Hornygeote, his ancestor, the Manors of Wynynton, Merthyn,, and Tamerton in exchange for the Manor of Bochym, which exchanged King Henry, father of this King (Edw. I) ratifified, which same charter and deed Roger present, Assize Roll 30 Edw I, ob. 1308, Inq.p.m 2 Edw. II, No. 73. Roger de Carmynowe married Joanna, [Ped.fin.14, Edw. II, No. 1]

~The Visitations of Cornwall: Comprising the Heralds' Visitations of 1530, 1573 & 1620, p. 72

Roger married Joanna 1171.,1353 (Joanna died in 1239-1299 in Cornwall, England.)

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