Oliver Champernoun
(Abt 1197-Bef 1232)
Gilbert English
Sir Henry Champernoun Knight
(Abt 1225-After 1281)
Dionyse English
Dionyse de Champernoun


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Subject: Re: CP Addition: Ancestry of the Lords Botreaux
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 23:18:11 EDT

DESCENT FROM King Henry I of England to Sir Reginald and Dionisia de Botreaux::

1 Henry I of England
Birth: 1068, England[1]
Death: 1 Dec 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt, Normandy[2]
Burial: Reading abbey[3]
Occ: King of England 1100 - 1135
Father: William 'the Conqueror' of Normandy (ca1027-1087)
Mother: Matilda of Flanders

Spouse: NN [NOT married]

Children: Robert 'FitzRoy' (~1090-1147)

Other Spouses Edith (Matilda) of Scotland, Adeliza of Louvain

1.1a Robert 'FitzRoy' of Gloucester*
Birth: abt 1090, Caen, Normandy[4]
Death: 31 Oct 1147, Bristol[4]
Burial: Priory of St. James, Bristol
Occ: Earl of Gloucester

witness to charters of Henry I from Apr 1113; fought at the battle of Bremule, 20 Aug 1119 (Henry I defeated Louis VI of France).
acquired Lordship of Glamorgan by marriage, ca. 1120[5]

created Earl of Gloucester before Sept 1122[4]

primary supporter of sister Matilda, ca. 1138 onward; captured Stephen at Lincoln, 1141 together with Ranulf of Chester[6] captured 14 Sept 1141 by Stephen's forces, exchanged for him November 1141. Joined with Geoffrey of Anjou in conquest of Normandy, June 1142; defeated Stephen at Wilton, 1143

patron of William of Malmesbury, possibly also of Geoffrey of Monmouth [1][4]

'Robert fitz Regis', held a fair at Caerdydd (Cardiff), co. Glamorgan: 'feria recorded 1121\endash 2x1147, held by Robert fitz Regis, earl of Gloucester, who granted to Tewkesbury abbey the tithe of the rents and tolls of his fair at Cardiff (R.B. Patterson ed., Earldom of Gloucester Charters (Oxford, 1973), no. 283)). '[7]

acc. to H. A. Doubleday and J. Brownhill, probably son of Sibyl Corbet (also mother of Reynold de Dunstanville) - cf. CP Vol V (Gloucester), p. 681[4] ardent supporter of half-sister Matilda (vs. Stepphen)

[1] ~ it is claimed re: Geoffrey of Monmouth that the Historia Regum Britanniae '...was dedicated to Robert, earl of Gloucester and lord of Glamorgan, natural son of Henry 1, and a claimant, and thereafter close to other claimants, to the throne, while a few other, later, copies were dedicated to King Stephen and to another baroon.'[8]

re: his wife:

Mabel called Sibyl by continuator of William of Jumieges ~ possibly confused with her mother, Sibyl heiress of seigneurie of Creully (given to son Richaard)[4]

' Robert "filius Regis", d. 1147, earl of Gloucester [W1, T1]. [GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 248-9), and many other sources] He is called the eldest by RT. His mother was evidently a relative of Philip Gai and of Nigel son of William, both of whom appear in the sources as relatives of Robert. [Thompson 142-3]. ' Stewart Baldwin [cites Robert of Torigny, the Gesta Norm. Duc. and other sourcess[9]]

Spouse: Mabel FitzHamon
Death: 1157[4]
Father: Robert FitzHamon (-1105)
Mother: Sibyl de Montgomery
Marr: ca 1120[5]

Children: William 'FitzRoy' (-1183), Earl of Gloucester
Maud (-1189), m. Ranulf, Earl of Chester
Roger (-1179), Bishop of Worcester
Hamon (-1159)
Richard (-1175), seigneur de Creully

Other Spouses NN [NOT married]

1.1b Robert 'FitzRoy' of Gloucester* (See above)

Spouse: NN [NOT married]

Children: Robert

1.1b.1 Robert of Gloucester
illegitimate son
made a gift to Quarr Abbey together with his wife Hawise, ca. 1141/7:

' That Robert, a little known son of the Earl of Gloucester was even married, is revealed in a charter dated between June 1141 and 1161, probably before Oct 1147, in which Hawise, daughter of Earl Baldwin de Redvers, made a gift to Quarr Abbey jointly with her husband, Robert, son of the Earl of Gloucester. CP, 5: 686 states Robert was a natural son of Earl Robert and that he was named c1160 in a charter and is addressed in a writ from King Henry II as Castellan of Gloucesterr.'[10]

re: his wife:
she made a gift of the manors of Fleet and Ibberton, Dorset. to her grandson Richard de Chambernoun (confirmed by daughter Mabel))[10]

Spouse: Hawise de Reviers[10]
Father: Baldwin de Reviers (-1155), Earl of Devon
Mother: Adelise

Children: Mabel

1.1b.1.1 Mabel of Gloucester[10]

she m. lstly Jordan de Chambernoun
2ndly William de Soliers[10]

Spouse: Jordan de Champernoun[10]
Death: bef 1166[10]

Children: Jordan
Henry (-ca1211)

1.1b.1.1.1 Henry de Champernoun
Death: ca 1211[10]

lord of 1 fee under the Honour of Gloucester in 1201-1212 (Red Book of the Exchequer, p. 154) and 1211-1212 (Red Book, p. 6077) [10]

' Henry de Campo Arnulfi ', witness to Confirmation by John de Hydon to the canons of Taunton, dated 1161 x 1184 [PRO, Cornwall Record Office: Arundell of Lanherne and Trerice [AR/1/528 - AR/1/1121], Clayhidon Manor: AR/1/5577[11] ]

Spouse: Rose de Tracy

Children: Oliver (-<1243)

1.1b. Oliver de Champernoun
Death: bef 1243[12]

of Ilfracombe, Burch, and Southcott, Devon

' 1. OLIVER de CAMPO ERNULFI (ERNULPHI). d. ca. 1242/3 (his heirs were then in possession of his lands in Ilfracombe, Burch, and Southcott (The Book of Fees, 2: 778, 7844) [10]

Spouse: Wymarca

Children: Sir Henry (>1221->1281)

1.1b. Sir Henry de Champernoun
Birth: aft 1221[12]
Death: aft Jun 1281[12]

of Ilfracombe, Burch, and Southcott, Devon

Still a minor in 1242/3 (his father's lands then being held by his heirs (Book of Fees, 2: 778,, 784)
' Henry de Chambernun ' and Dionisia, his wife, were named in a land warranty of 6 June 1249 (Devon Feet of Fines 1196-1272: no. 497) [10]

' Henrico de Campo Arnulphi ', had charter from Richard, Earl of Cornwall confirming the gift of lands of Isolda de Cardinham, dated Wallingford, 18 Apr 1268 [PRO, Cornwall Record Office: Arundell of Lanherne and Trerice [AR/17 - AR/50], Dinham: AR/37/2 [11] ]

Fine between Henry de Chaumbernun, claimant and Hugh de Treverbyn, deforciant, date 16 Feb 1270 regarding the manors of Trevolonan, Tywardrayth, Ludevon (Ludgvan) and Penalym (Penhallyn in Jacobstow) [ Hugh acknowledged that Henry held same by gift of Isolda de Cardinham (Cornwall Feet of Fines 1195-1377, no. 2222) [12]

" On 5 July 1277 he had protection going to Wales on the King's service (Cal. Patent Rolls, 1272-81, p. 217) and was last recorded as justice of the gaol delivery at Oxford and Exeter in May and July 1281 (Cal. Patent Rolls, 1272-81, p. 441, 445). " [12]

Re: his wife Dionisia, Ronny Bodine wrote:
" Vivian (p. 160) states he married Dionisia, daughter of Gilbert and sister and coheiress of Sir Robert English or Engloiz, of Stokeley. He was certainly married to a Dionisia by June 1249 who survived her husband as Dame Dionisia de Campo Arnulphi when, in March 1284, she presented Oliver de Campo Arnulphi, subdeacon, presumably their son, as rector of Jacobstowe (Bronescombe, p. 347). Stockeley-Engles (Stockleigh-English) was in possession of her grandson, Henry, who presented to the church in April 1312.""[12]

Spouse: Dionisia
Marr: bef 6 Jun 1249[12]

Sir William
Sir Richard


1.1b. Dionisia de Champernoun
Re: Dionisia de Champernoun and her parentage, Ronny Bodine wrote: ' Vivian (p. 160) names John, Reginald and Henry [but not William] as sons of Sir Henry de Campo Arnulphi and his wife Dionisia, although this writer believes he misidentified another John with the priest of the same name. In addition, Vivian named two daughters, Dionisia, wife of Sir William Bottreaux and Margaret, wife of Otho Bodrigan. Sir William Bottreaux, of Worthevale, Penhale, Crackhampton and Botylet, co. Cornwall was born in 1242 and died 1302 (Trigg, 1: 634). Pole (Devon, p. 427) reports he held Cadbury and Stockleigh-English in free-marriage with Dionisia, but the evidence for this has not been found. In fact, Stockleigh-English was held by William Champernoun (viz. no. 10) who presented there in May 13444.'[12]

Spouse: William de Botreaux, of Boscastle, Cornwall
Death: bef 25 Aug 1296[7]
Father: Reginald de Botreaux (->1260)

Children: William (-ca1342)

1.1b. William de Botreaux
Death: ca 1342[4]

of Boscastle, Cornwall

Charters for a market ( Thur ) and fair (vfm, Assumption - 15 Aug) at Lelant, Cornwall granted by King Edward II to William son of William de Botereux, 25 Aug 1296: 'To be held at the manor ' (CChR, 1257\endash 1300, p. 465).[7]

' Wm. de Botriaus ', witness to a grant by Henry de Bodrugan, dated at Bodrugan, 28 January 1306 [ PRO, Cornwall Record Office: Edgcumbe of Cotehele and Mount Edgcumbe [ME/1 - ME/1539]], ME/642[11]]

Charters for a market ( Wed ) and fair (vfm, James the Apostle - 25 Jul) at Boscastle, Cornwall granted by King Edward II to William son of William de Botereux, 16 Aug 1312: 'To be held at the manor ' (CChR, 1300 26, p. 194).[7]

F (Prescriptive) feria recorded 1302, held by William de Botereus (QW, p. 108). William successfully claimed that his ancestors had held the fair from tiime out of mind. '[7]

'Wm. Botriaux', witness together with John de Carminow and others of a Grant in perpetuity dated at Bodrugan, 31 Dec 1324 by Oto de Bodrugan, Kt, of Bodrugan [PRO, Cornwall Record Office: Edgcumbe of Cotehele and Mount Edgcumbe [ME/1 - MME/1539], ME/600[11]]

cf. CP I:241[4]

Children: Sir Reginald (-1346)
Margaret (-<1361)

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Dionyse married William de Botreaux, son of Reginald de Botreaux and Matilda.193 (William de Botreaux was born about 1245 in Boscastle, Cornwall, England and died in 1302 in England.)

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