William Shoresworth
Alexander de Denton
Robert de Shoresworth
(-Bef 1299)
Cecily de Denton
Margaret of Shoresworth
(-Abt 1363)


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Henry de Worsley

Margaret of Shoresworth

  • Marriage: Henry de Worsley 751
  • Died: Abt 1363, England

bullet  Noted events in her life were:

• From Gen-Medieval Archives: Shoresworth of Lancs - ancestral to the Worsleys & Booths . 193
Subject: Shoresworth of Lancs - ancestral to the Worsleys & Booths
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 10:13:33 -0700 (PDT)

The Visitation of Lancs, 1664-5, gives a pedigree for the Worsley family which includes this element:

1. Henry de Worsley, married secondly "daughter of Schoresworth"; issue:

2. Robert de Worsley, of Booths; married Cicely Bramhall; issue:

3a. William de Worsley
3b. John de Worsley
3c. Ellen de Worsley, married Thomas Booth [ancestor of the Booth family]

Some further particulars of the Shoreworths are given in VCH Lancs, vol 3, sub Denton. This allows us to construct the following initial stemma for them:

A. Robert, parson of Mottram; had a daughter:

B. Cecily, ff 1299, married (i) - Norris; (ii) Robert de Shoresworth, dead by 1299; issue by both marriages:

C1. William Norris - had a son, Robert Norris, ff 1310
C2. Alexander de Shoresworth, ff 1281-1330
C2. William de Shoresworth, had issue:

D. Robert de Shoresworth, ff 1281; had issue:

E. Margaret de Shoresworth, ff 1348; married firstly by 1292 [VCH Lancs, vol 4, sub Worsley, n 19] Henry de Worsley; married secondly by 1305 [ibid] Robert de Radcliffe. She also had a son, Thurstan, by Sir William de Holand, who was assigned lands at Denton by his mother's great-uncle in 1325-6 and left issue.

I have seen a death-date of 1363 assigned to Margaret, but am not yet convinced that this is accurate.


• Background Information. 767
Margaret de Shoresworth, was the daughter of Robert de Shoresworth. It is certain that she was the mother of Thurstan de Holand, son of Sir William, and that she is the mother of several children by Robert de Radcliffe of Radcliffe Tower, ancestor of the Radcliffes of Smithells, and that she married, ultimately, Sir Henry de Worsley of Booths. She is also been described as the grand daughter of Alexander de Denton [Langton,Chetham Society, Lanc. Funeral Cert.], and the daughter of Robert de Shoresworth and heiress of Cecily de Denton. [Whitaker, Whalley, 4th Ed. p. 319].

In the year 1330, by deed dated at Denton, on the Feast of St. Hilary, 4 Edward III, Alexander de Shoresworth (possibly brother) granted to "Margaret, daughter of Robert de Shoresworth," all his messuages, lands, and tenements in the hamlet of Denton, in tail. A few days later, Margeret de Shoresworth grants the same estate to Thurstan her son, in tail, with the remaineder to William, son of Robert de Radcliffe and his heirs, further remainders to John, brother of the said William, and to Robert, son of Henry de Worsley.

~A History of the Family of Holand, p. 21

• Background Information.
A snipped found on Google Books from a book titled, Savage-Stillman-Rogers-Lindsey-Dever and Related Families with Magna Carta and Royal Lines, by Myrtle Savage Rhodes, 1971:

Henry de Worsley, b. ca. 1255, d. in or before 1304, m. 1st Joan ________, 2nd, Margaret de Shoresworth, dtr. Robert Lord of the Manor of Shoresworth and Margaret, dtr. and heiress of Sir Alaxander de Denton. She d. 1363, age 80 to 90.

• Background Information. 826
Margaret de Shoresworth was twice married, to Henry de Worsley and to Robert de Radcliffe. Her connexion with Sir William de Holland is not clearly known. She may have been married to him invalidly. In 1330 Alexander de Shoresworth granted all his lands, &c., in Denton to Margaret daughter of Robert de Shoresworth, and she at once granted to Thurstan her son all her messuages and lands in Denton under Doneshagh in the vill of Withington, with remainders to William son of Robert de Radcliffe, to John brother of Robert, and to Robert son of Henry de Worsley [Lord Wilton's D]. Five years later Thurstan regranted the same to his mother [ibid]. Margaret de Shoresworth was still living in 1348, when she recovered seisin of her lands in Bolton, Manchester, Pendleton, Wardley, Barton, Myerscough, Heaton, and Denton against Thurstan son of Sir William de Holland and Richard son of Thurstan [Assize R. 1444, m. 7 d].

~A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4, pp. 311-322, footnote 11

Margaret married Henry de Worsley, son of Richard de Worsley and Unknown.751 (Henry de Worsley was born in Worsley, Lancashire, England and died On or before 1304 in Worsley, Lancashire, England 826.)


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