Warin de Basingburne
Albreda Biset
(Abt 1190-)
Constancia Basingburne


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John de Caltoft


  • Marriage: John de Caltoft 1006

bullet  General Notes:

I based the line from Agnes, wife of John de Caltoft back to William Carpenter on the chart shown in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire, Volume I, p. 292

William Biset - Hawisa
William Carpenter - Susanna
Henry Biset - Albreda de Lisures sister of John Constable of Chester
Albreda Biset - Warian Basingburne
Agnes - John de Caltoft
Philip de Caltoft
John de Caltoft - Katherina daughter of John Bret
Alicia - William Chaworth 1006

bullet  Noted events in her life were:

• Background Information. 1006
William Carpentar, by the consent of Henry Biset, his Son, and of Manasser Biset, his own Brother, and of Ernulphus Biset, his Nephew, gave his Mill on Doverbek, called Clive-Milne, to the Priory of Thurgarton, for the Souls of William Biset his Father, and Howisa his Mother, and Susanna his Wife, and Henry Biset, and Ausoldus his Brothers, and Henry his Nephew, and all his Ancestors, so that the said Mill should be towards the building of the new Church; and when that should be finished, to be expended amongst the Friars, reserving to himself and his Heirs, the multure of the Corn of his Demesne, when he would grind there. With this he gave himself Living if he pleased; or if he died in England, there to be buried. [Reg. de Thurg. p. 56]

Henry Biset, Son of William Carpentar, confirmed his Father's Gift of that Mill, with a Bovat of Land in Ludham, and a Toft, lying by the said Clive-Milne, and likewise gave to the Priory, the Passage of Briggeford, with a Toft belonging to it, (which is now known by the Name of Botemans Leyes, and still belongs to the Ferry) with William the Miller, for the Souls of his said Father, and of his Mother, and of Albreda his Wife, reserving to himself and his Heirs, and his Servants, the free Fishing. [Pl. de Banc. cor. Rob. de Laxington & soc Pasc. 27 H. 3. rot. 1 & 2]

The Abbat of Roucestre, 27 H 3. claimed against Albreda de Basingburne eight Carucats, and two Bovats of Land, with the Appurtenances in Briggeford, whereof every Carucat contained eight Bovats of Land measured, whereof Thurstan, his Predecessor, Abbat of Roucestre, in the Time of King Henry the Second, was seized in right of his said Church. Albreda came and answered, that neither she, nor her Ancestors, ever defended this Manor but by four Carucats, as in Tallages, Aids, Customs, and Services, and called to warrant Margery, Ela, and Isabella, the Daughters and Heirs of John Biset. Margery was then of full Age, Ela, and Isabella, under Age, and in the Custody of John de Plesseto: they were then summoned in the County of Southampton. [Test. de Nev.] Warinus de Basingburne paid two Marks for one Knight's Fee here in the Time of Henry the Third. [Test. de Nev.]

Albreda de Basingburne, held a Knight's Fee here, by reason of the Custody of the Land and Heir of John Biset, granted by the King. [Pl. de Jur. & Assis. apud Nott. 9 E. 3. ro. 75, and ro. 85. Quo War. 5 E. 3. Ch. 1 E. 3. m. 65.] Albreda had Issue Constancia, and she Isabel and Agnes: Isabell was Mother of Thomas de Multon, of Kirketon, and Agnes of Philip de Caltoft, between whom, 9 E. 3. the Land was divided. The said Thomas and Philip, 3 E. 3. claimed Court-Leet, Tumbrel, and Pillory here, and Philip a Market on Tuesday, and two Fairs granted, 1 E. 3. to the said Philip de Caltoft. [Esc. 11 E. 2. n. 42] Roger le Brabazon held the manor of Est-Briggeford, one Moiety of the Inheritance of Beatrix his Wife, to them and the Heirs of their Bodies; the other Moiety for Term of his Life, of the Grant of John de Caltoft, and Agnes his Wife; and John de Multon, and Isabell his Wife, as the Inheritance of them the said Agnes and Isabell Roger and Beatrix died without Heirs of their Bodies, and so the Reversion of their Moiety, 11 E. 2. came to the said Agnes, Wife of John de Caltoft, then aged forty Years, as Cousin and Heir of Beatrix; and to Thomas de Multon, Son of the said Isabell, the other Heir: which Thomas was then above fifteen Years old. [Esc. 27 E. 3. n. 14] It appears that John Caltoft, (Son of Philip) 25 E. 3. infeoffed Sir John de Loudham, Knight, Richard Pensax, and others in his Moiety of this Manor, which descended to Alice his Daughter and Heir, who, it seems, was first married to Sir Thomas Hethe, and after to Sir William Chaworth.

~Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire, Volume I, pp. 292-300

Agnes married John de Caltoft.1006

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