Indigenous Peoples of New Mexico

The Past

Prehistoric Migration of American Indians

The Search for the First Americans

Folsom, Clovis Points and information about Paleo-Indian points in NM.

Paleoindian and Archaic Peoples

The Spread of Maize to the Colorado Plateau

Anasazi, Hohokam & Mogollon Indians of the Southwest

Native Peoples of North America - Agricultural Societies In Pre-European Times - Mogollon | Anasazi | Hohokam

The Mogollon

Southwestern U.S. and Northwestern Mexico Chronology of Southwestern Archaeology

Pueblo Bonito.

Chaco Canyon.

Casa Rinconada 1995 Site Guide in Chaco Canyon.

Anasazi: Prehistoric People of the Desert Southwest

The Chaco Meridian

Ancient Observations - Astronomy in Chaco Canyon

Solstice Project - Nonp-rofit organization working to learn about the astronomical heritage of Chaco Canyon and Preservation of the ancient buildings that connect with the astronomical observations of the Ancient People of Chaco Canyon & Solstice Project Research Papers

Traditions of the Sun from NASA about Chaco Canyon

PlanetQuest: The History of Astronomy - The Sun Dagger at Chaco Canyon

Evaluation Models of Chaco

Indian Ruins in the Four corners Area

The Anasazi & Kokipelli

Mysteries of Chaco - The Aerial Perspective

Ancient Puebloansof the Southwest

Ancient & Modern Pueblos - Oldest Cities in the U.S.

Chaco Canyon Picture Gallery

Aztec Monument, Northern San Juan Basin.

Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, New Mexico

Bandelier National Monument, a Photo Gallery

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

Tompiro People from the Socorro in the Río Abajo from Wikipedia

Prehistoric Peoples of the Desert Southwest

History of the Zuni

The Zuni - A Mysterious People

Zuni” from Southwest Crossroads Spotlight

Acoma Pueblo- Ancient Sky City

An introduction to thehistory and culture of the people of Acoma.

History of Laguna Pueblo

The People of Pecos Pueblo

Pueblo Indians - Oldest Culture in the U.S.

"Pueblo Indian Influence" from Albuquerque's Environmental Story.

“Early Accounts of Turquoise Use by Native Americans”

The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

“As They Had Been in Ancient Times”: Pedro Naranjo Relates the Pueblo Revolt, 1680

Pueblo revolt leaders and their home Pueblos:

  • Ku-htihth (Cochiti): Antonio Malacate
  • Galisteo (Galisteo): Juan El Tano
  • Walatowa (Jemez): Luis Conixu
  • Nambé (Nambé): Diego Xenome
  • Welai (Picuris): Luis Tupatu (Ciervo Blanco)
  • Powhogeh (San Ildefonso): Francisco El Ollito and Nicolas de la Cruz Jonv
  • Ohkay (San Juan): Po'pay and Tagu
  • San Lazaro: Antonio Bolsas and Cristobal Yope
  • Khapo (Santa Clara): Domingo Naranjo and Cajete
  • Kewa (Santo Domingo): Alonzo Catiti
  • Teotho (Taos): El Saca
  • Tehsugeh (Tesuque): Domingo Romero [Sando, Joe S. and Herman Agoyo, editors, Po'pay: Leader of the First American Revolution, Clear Light Publishing, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2005 p. 110]

The Pueblo Revolt from Wikipedia

Surviving Columbus: First Encounters
History of New Mexico Pueblos 1598 - 1990s

The Navajo before 1696

The Navajo Nation

Genízaros of New Mexico's Spanish Communities

A Genízaro Community- Pueblo de Abiquiú

TheAbiquiú Genízaro Grant

Genízaro from Wikipedia

Trail Dust: Class of Indians once called ‘Genízaros’ in New Mexico by New Mexico Historian Marc Simmons

Navajo Nation: From Prehistory to the Twentieth Century

Long Walk

Navajo Long Walk

Fort Sumner Historic Site/Bosque Redondo Memorial

U.S. Treaty With The Navajo Tribe, 1868

Indian Ruins of the Four Corners Area

Navajo” from Southwest Crossroads Spotlight

Curtis Collection Copper Photogravure Plates - All tribes (Zuni, Navaho, etc) can be accessed through one drop-down list box on the home page. Just select one entry in the "Tribes" list box in the group of 4 list boxes on the left of the page.

Navajo Code Talkers History

The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers - Sharing the Stories of the Navajo Code Talkers through 1-on-1 Interviews and Video Archives.

Memories Come To Us In the Rain and the Wind Extracts from Oral Histories
and Photographs of Navajo Uranium Miners & Their Families

Post-Contact Social Organization of Three Apache Tribes

Apache History

Western Apache

“Who Were the Lipan and the Kiowa-Apaches?”

Geronimo, His Own Story

Cochise & Geronimo: The Chiricahua Apaches.

Cochise one of the most famous Apache leaders.

Geronimo's Surrender

Apache - The Fiercest Warriors in the Southwest

The Comanche - Horsemen of the Plains

Comanche History

A brief history of theUtes.

The Present

New Mexico Native American Groups & Locations
Locations of New Mexico's Native Peoples

Guide to Native Americans in New Mexico.

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Pueblo Cultural Center.

Sandia Pueblo

Jemez Pueblo

Restoration of San Esteban del Rey Church in Acoma

Isleta Pueblo

Pojoaque Pueblo, north of Santa Fe, Poeh Cultural Center & Museum

Taos Pueblo

Images of Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo

Pueblo of Zuni

ZuniCulture, History and more

Adding a Breath to Zuni Life - Story of the Kachina Murals on the Zuni church

Beyond Traditions ~ In honor of Zuni Fetishes

San Juan Pueblo Solar Project

Santa Anna Pueblo Tribal Enterprises

Calendar of Native American Events and Dances in Central New Mexico

Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians Their Evolution, Fabrication, and Significance in the Prayer Drama

Songs of the Pueblo Peoples

When George Cushing came to Zuni Pueblo in the late 19th century,
he characterized Zuni pueblo in his writings and drawing. Over 100
years later, Zuni artist Phil Hughte has turned the tables and has
created drawings of Cushing and his expedition.

Koshares - The Sacred Clowns

Picuris Pueblo Matachines Dances

Picuris Pueblo

Bien Mur Indian Market Center owned and operated by Sandia Pueblo

Pueblo Languages

Hear the Pueblo Languages of New Mexico

Maria Montoya Martinez and her son, Popovi Da demonstrate
how Pueblo Indian Pottery is made using traditional methods

Acoma pottery in the past and today, and “Acoma Pottery Design Motifs

The Pueblo of Sandia Petroglyph Project

Pueblos: Masonry and Adobe Communal Housing

Internet Public Library: Pueblo Pottery Exhibit

NM Indian Tribes

Ramah Navajo

"Wolves, moonshine and Billy the Kid - You can hide most anything in the rugged hills of Ramah" from the Navajo Times

Ramah Navajo Weavers Association Sustains Time-Honored Connections from Indian Country

Ramah Navajo Indian Reservation from Wikipedia

Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation

Remember Alamo - The Navajo Nation's stepchild has found creative ways to prosper on its own from the Navajo Times

Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation from Wikipedia

The Navajo peopleand Navajo Nation from Wikipedia

The Navajo Nation Home Page

Discover the Navajo Nation

From Chinle, Arizona The "Unofficial"
Canyon De Chelly & Navajo Website

Background and History of Navajo-Churro Sheep, Descendants of the Iberian Churra

Next-generation Medicine Man- An interview with Albert Laughter.

Navajo Clans

Navajo Rugs: Styles on the Reservation

NavajoTreaties, Laws and Documents

The Navajo Creation Story

Navajo Culture

Navajo History

Navajo Pictures

Navajo Art and Navajo Rugs, Blankets and Weaving, Navajo Jewelry and Pottery

Diné Bizaad- The Navajo Language

Navajo Homes - Hogans

Navajo Clothing

Navajo Food

Navajo Sand Painting

Navajo Weaving: A Study in Cultural Change and Adaptability”

Sacred Mountains as a Hogan

HOGAN: Diné (Navajo) Traditional House

Sand paintings

The Hooghan

Navajo Ceremonial

Changing Woman

A Brief Social History of Navajo Weaving

Navajo People - Learn about the Diné and Diné Bikeyah

Diné CARE ~ Diné Citizens Against Ruining our Environment

Navajo Religion A Sacred Way of Life

Navajo Legends

Diné Bich'iya' - Traditional Navajo Recipes

Navajo Genecology & Family History of Harrison Lapahie Jr.,
along with further information about his people.

Seasons Of A Navajo [1983]

Jicarilla Apache Nation

Jicarilla Apache Culture from The American Anthropologist

Curtis' early 20th-century ethnography of the Jicarilla and other Apache Indians.

Myths of the Jicarilla Apache

Online collection of 53 Jicarilla myths and legends, as well as oral histories and traditions.

The official White Mountain Tribal Site

Apache Girl's Rite of Passage

Becoming Woman: The Sunrise Ceremony

Through Apache Eyes...PurpleHawk's Nest

Apache Indian Photo Gallery - Photos of Apache, past and present

Apache History, beliefs, customs, food, ceremonies, dwellings, and more

“Traditional Apache Life”

Chiricahua Wickiup

Profile Of An Apache Woman

Jicarilla Apache Texts

Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache Text


Apache Leaders

Apache Women

Apache: Creation Story

An Apache Medicine Dance

Apache Warriors

Against the Winds: Traditions of Native American Running.

SW Association for Indian Arts

Indian Arts & Crafts Association

Peace Party, A multi cultural comic book featuring Native Americans

Native American Herbs & Plants Of The Southwest

Rock Art of the Southwest

Southwestern Rock Art and Petroglyphs

Hopi: The Corn People

Native American Rights Fund


Institute of Native American Arts

Southwest Indian People: Overview had information on all the Indian People through the U.S. Southwest

Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial

1947 Film Showing Native Dances at Gallup's Inter-tribal Ceremonies

Santa Fe Indian School

Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico

SIPI - Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

American Indian Science & Engineering Society

Casa Rinconada

Legends, Lore & Literature

At the Rainbow's End & Spider Rock, Navajo Lore.

Anasazi Diaspora -- Navajo Myth

The Dîné: Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians

The Sacred Sky of the Navajo and Pueblo.

Myths of the Jicarilla Apache

The Origins of Fire & Animals according to Jicarilla Apache Lore.

Apache Creation Story

Apache Indian Folklore - "Why the Bat Hangs Upside Down"
Check the drop down menu for more Apache Legends

Myths of the Jicarilla Apache

Rind Swentzell: An Understated Sacredness | New Mexico

Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories

Pueblo Legends and Stories

Rainmakers From The Gods, Hopi Katsinam

The Origin of Summer and Winter according to Acoma/Laguna Lore.

The Zuni Creation

Kachinas of the Western Pueblos from Wikipedia

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