Pojoaque & Laguna

Laguna on the day I first
brought her home.

This is the photo I found on
the ABQ Shelter's Website.

Laguna on the day I
first brought her home.

With the exception of Jim's girls, Cassy and Polly, all my cats have basically found me and moved in with me. Laguna was my first "pound kitty." I was impressed with the way the Albuquerque Animal Care Center took care of their kittens. Before I could touch Laguna, they made me sanitize my hands and arms. Laguna had been well taken care of and was a "people kitten."

I had been planning on adopting another cat so Pojoaque could have a friend. When he and Cassy first met Laguna, they couldn't take their eyes off her. For the next week, it was a Pokie and Laguna love affair.

Until I saw Pojoaque with Laguna, I didn't realize just how much my Pokie boy had grown.

I started playing with a towel in order to keep Pokie from scratching my arms. Playing "towelie" quickly became a favorite of Pojaoque's, and now Laguna gets involved.

Some times, I call Laguna my Lagunacita or Guna but
there are moments when I have to call Laguna my "Goony Girl."

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