Welcome to my web site. I am Nancy López a.k.a. cybergata. I was born and raised in Santa Fé in the Río Arriba area New México, but have lived in Alburquerque in the Río Abajo area of New México for the greater part of my life. I live with my husband and our five cats, Pojoaque, Laguna, Tiguex, Cochiti and Kiwa in a small house in the Duránes area close to the Río Grande, el Camino Real and Route 66. This has been my home for over thirty-five years, and I love the area.
When I first moved here, the area was a rural area right in the middle of town. It has gone through changes in the past thirty years, and has become more residential than rural. As long as we have acequias near by, we will still have wild ducks and roadrunners. Since the city has been farsighted enough to make the bosque along the Rio Grande a protected area, we will always have a bit of the wild nearby.
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The ancestors of my father, Carlos López, moved to New México long before it was part of the United States. Some came with Don Juan de Oñate in 1598. Others traveled to New México with Don Diego de Vargas in 1693-1697.

Some of my Spanish ancestors were Sephardic Jews leaving México during a time of fear for Crypto-Jews who had found a haven in México, before this time. Some of these ancestors were Apache, Pueblo Peoples, Aztec or other Native Americans. A few later came as soldiers in the Spanish army. In fact, I have ancestors who were among the first settlers in both my hometown, Santa Fé, and in Alburquerque. The earliest of my López ancestors that I have been able to locate lived not far from where I live today.

The ancestors of my mother, Eleanor Atwood Blair, came to the North American from the British Isles and the Palentine area of Europe. They were among the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, and other British colonist who came during the "Great Migration."

I recently uncovered my maternal grandfather's Scott-Irish ancestors who turned out to have very little Scottish or Irish heritage, well except for the first Blair who came to North America. Most of women the Blairs married were descendants of Lutherans & Mennonites from Switzerland & Germany who left their homes for similar reasons my Pilgrim and Sephardic Jewish ancestors left Europe.

Eleanor Blair Lopez
Jemez Springs
My mother came to New México with my father after WWII. She had told me she was never very happy until she married my father and moved to New México. She fell in love with the land that was so much a part of the man she fell in love with. By the time I was born, my mother already was as much a Native New Méxican as I am after over six decades of life in this amazing land. My parents were my greatest teachers, and the passion my father felt about New México is an every lasting part of me. I love its history, its Hispanic & Indian culture, its land and its people.
I have been a middle school teacher since January 1975 until May 2013, when I retired after 38.5 years. I taught New Méxican and United States History. Not the subjects that usually grab a hold of 12-14 year old people, but there is so much more than teaching history when it comes to teaching middle school. It is all about sharing ones knowledge, skills and love of ones subject with kids. It is all about helping them grow and make it through these difficult years.
Brooklynne & Chamisa
Some people may question the sanity of any person who honestly admits to enjoying spending their days with 11-14 year old people, but I feel that there has been no better way I could have spent the past four decades of my life. Teaching has brought out the best in myself, and I hope that in these years I've helped bring out the best in my students. My life has been full of love. What more can a person ask of life!
Jim & Nancy

When computers first became reasonable enough for normal people to have one, my former significant other purchased an IMB clone 286. I gave Bob such a hard time about bringing "a tool of the devil" into my home. I saw them as a tool of "Big Brother" and the words "What do you think you are doing, Dave?" were deeply embedded in my consciousness. Of course I promptly appropriated Bob's new toy. The Net has really become "the people's forum." Anyone with an idea, inclination, spark of creativity, etc. has a venue to express themselves. It has become an activists tool as well.
Computers have become a necessity in my life, and I've met wonderful people over the years, especially my friends I found while discussing Northern Exposure on the early days of Prodigy. I also met my husband, Jim, on-line. We had so many connections, and even had once lived within a few blocks of each other, yet we never connected to each other until Jim found me on the Web.
Me, Meg & Jim
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I have had a web page since 1994. Over the years my site keeps growing and getting larger as my passions meander through different interests. My love of cats lead to one of the first Cat Web Animation Gallery on the web. My passion for the Grateful Dead led to another Graphix gallery full of Dead & Hippie Graphix. I also filled my pages with friends and family. For the past few years my passion has been genealogy, so I continue to fill my site with pages of anyone who can somehow connect with my family, plus other resources for Netizens looking for help with their New Méxican ancestors. I hope that somewhere within this site you can find something that you can enjoy.

      ....and BTW, I have never played golf in my entire life!

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