Tigre & Dulce

Tigre was my first cat.
He was a stray cat that
found his way to my home.
He was my first pet, which was perfect since I always wanted an orange kitty that looked like Morris. He was a real snuggle cat and a good buddy. He passed away over a decade ago, but I feel his spirit close to me all the time.

Tigre & Dulce sleeping
Some horrible person moved from my neighborhood and left Dulce. I don't know how she knew that I was the cat lover in the neighborhood, but she started showing up at my door meowing loudly while she would shake her gorgeous fluffy tail. How could I resist her!
The poor girl must have had a rough time between the time she was deserted and I adopted her, since she hid from all people except for myself and my husband. I named her Dulce, meaning sweet, because she has a sweetest disposition and a precious soul.
Dulce had been with me for over two decades. She was the Queen and older, wiser woman of the pride. She has always been a bit crazy, but she also is the most intelligent cat I've ever known. Jim says she is a genius in cat terms.
Dulce often slept on my pillow at night, snuggling with my head. While I slept, I dreamt about her and would wake to feel her purring by my head.

It took her a long time to accept Jim, but she came to love him, which isn't usually in her nature to like people.

Although she had mellowed out & did not fear people as much as before, she will always have a strong attachment to me. She constantly reminds me that cats who choose us to be their replacement mothers are incredibly faithful.

My precious Dulce died in the first week of August in 2007. She had lived a very long life of over twenty-years. I spent my summer break giving Dulce all the love and care possible because I knew she probably wouldn't make it through my entire summer break. Every night she would spend hours on my lap. I learned to love even more as I took care of her. She was the sweetest soul I've ever known, and I will miss her my entire life. I am grateful for the twenty plus years of love she gave me.

A tribute to Dulce
I wrote on my Blog.
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