Three cat seemed like the perfect number. Pojoaque, Tiguex & Laguna were the harmonious trio. They all got a long and we felt that we found our limit at three cats. Cochiti and Kiwa had a different Idea. One showed up after the other, & both made a decision this was going to be their home. Now we can't imagine life without them.

Cochiti showed up looking for a home first. He and I fell in love with each other instantly. Cochiti brought out characteristics in Tiguex that gave him new dimensions. Tiguex is not only a loving cat, but a diplomat & teacher. Tiguex took both Cochiti and Kiwa under his paw, and taught them how to behave with a family of cats.
tiguex & Cochiticochiti & Tiguex

Cochiti is endlessly entertaining. He is interested in everything and everyone. Tiguex, Kiwa and Cochiti liven up the house while chasing each other from room to room. If I'm doing anything new or different, there is Cochiti with his nose in the middle of it. He is the most curious cat I've known.

cochiti & TiguexKiwa & Cochiti

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